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2011.05.08 - 06:56PM
1: A Long While Later

This is great. It is what I would expect Jack to do and how I would expect the conversation to go. Good work.

2011.01.09 - 07:44PM
1: A Long While Later

LMAO. Too much fun with Jack

2010.02.06 - 02:37PM
1: A Long While Later

Oh, that's GOOD. LOL. I loved the Videogame line. What a beautiful comparison. :P Also the line about the eerie twin studies, rofl. Quite awesome.

2007.11.15 - 09:42PM
1: A Long While Later

Argh. It's funny because it's true.

2007.07.18 - 01:05AM
1: A Long While Later

Bless you for those last 2 lines.

2006.11.22 - 05:25PM
1: A Long While Later

Yeah! Jack on Jack... as long as the reapers don't come... but then this is Alt Universe.. not timeline infractions... wow... the possibilities! Thanks for a funny read!

2006.11.10 - 05:09AM
1: A Long While Later

I had way way too much fun imagining the Jack/Jack scene. Excellent story and the video game reference was fantastic

2006.11.08 - 02:46PM
1: A Long While Later

I find that image far more 'entertaining' than I should, methinks...
Nice one! ;)

2006.11.08 - 12:02AM
1: A Long While Later

God bless you! Not only the last two lines, but the first sentence - "like a Time Lord or a character in a video game" indeed!

Just what I needed!

2006.11.07 - 11:26PM
1: A Long While Later


2006.11.07 - 06:26PM
1: A Long While Later

(collapes into mindless dirty giggles that make other half look at her funny) Oooh blimey!

2006.11.07 - 10:21AM
1: A Long While Later

R.O.F.L.M.A.O.! I am trying my best not to burst out laughing because that will bring me roommate over here and that'll be the end of me.

This is so...random... so why do I find it so amusing?

Do I wanna know how that plot bunny struck ya'?

Author's Response: Somewhere in this Livejournal thread, Jack/Jack was suggested. I ran with it. :-)

2006.11.07 - 05:30AM
1: A Long While Later

Ha ha, that is pretty funny!