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1: Prologue -- Departures

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2015.08.30 - 07:46PM
12: Chapter 11 -- Third Time's the Charm?

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2013.04.23 - 08:23PM
1: Prologue -- Departures

Monster Truck Rally - Those are a lot more destructive. He's lucky she used a tow truck, really. Hooking the console to Bigfoot would have ripped it out of the floor and down the street.

2011.06.01 - 01:59AM
12: Chapter 11 -- Third Time's the Charm?

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2011.06.01 - 01:17AM
10: Chapter 9 -- Tea and Some Kind of -Pathy

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I also loved that warmth during their kiss and that the Doctor got to see that.

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7: Chapter 6 -- Exiled

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Author's Response: I feel terrible, because you\'re about to discover that I abandoned this fic several years ago (in favor of writing my own original world novel). On the other hand, your wonderful enthusiasm has reminded me that I had a story to tell here that I really liked. I\'m tempted to brush this off and come back to it. Thank you :)

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