Reviews For Again!

2006.11.19 - 06:02AM
1: Oops.

Cardiff. I wonder why taht keeps popping up...? *winks*

Author's Response: I know. Curious, isn\'t it? *winks back*

2006.11.03 - 05:39PM
1: Oops.

Oi, he does that alot! Cardiff this, Cardiff that... London too. Yeah, why not ever Edinburgh? I mean, he said Balamory. But that's not even real! It's a CBeebies show... argh. Anyway. This was a really great fic, and I liked it. Sooooo like the Doctor to do that!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad you liked it. Yes, Balamory, LOL! Glad you agree with me on Edinburgh. It\'s really beautiful in Scotland. Well, all the British Isles, really: Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, Jersey... the list goes on and on. I\'ll never foget the first time I visited the Highlands, Big Ben, or Millenium Center... or any of it! I wouldn\'t trade for anything less then the TARDIS or Ten... or Eight or Nine... *grins* And thanks again!

Zen Clarke
2006.11.03 - 04:44PM
1: Oops.

LOL! SmoOoOoOoth Doctor, real smooth. Cardiff again. LOL!

Author's Response: He does tend to do that a lot, doesn\'t he? Always Cardiff... why never Edinburgh? Edinburgh\'s a nice place, I have family there... or why not Cork? Family there too... right, like he cares about my family. He might like them, though. My Mum\'s nothing like Jackie... LOL! Got family in Cardiff too, so why am I complaining? I LIVE there! Anyhow, thanks quite a bit, Zen! I appreciate all reviews, but one from you was wonderful because I like a good lot of your books... and I\'m sure I\'ll like them all, seeing as I like what I\'ve read so far! My, I can ramble!