Reviews For Child Of Mine

2009.10.21 - 09:52PM
1: Surprise!

very good. stands well as a one shot but I'd love to see an update.

2007.01.01 - 05:28AM
1: Surprise!

Aww, this is a brilliant story, moving and well written. Please update!

2006.11.18 - 08:28PM
1: Surprise!

Hey you got a child called Angelique too WOW!! hehehe you need to write more though i looked at this like a week ago just after i started writing my story on my comp you haven't updated since!! please update!!!!

Author's Response: I will try, but the holiday season is very busy for me. But I WILL try! And isn\'t that brilliant? We both have Angeliques! LOVE your fanfiction by the way! Fantastic, really!

2006.11.03 - 02:37PM
1: Surprise!

I don't think anyone else has written a child with Reinette fic, so good idea. Loved the bit about part of Reinette getting to see the stars after all, that was touching. Though looking forward to seeing how Rose reacts!! OOh dear.
Just a mild critique though, you wrote his a few times when I think you meant he , but I always find errors in mine after I've posted so you're not alone.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Touching, really? Honestly, thank you very much. Oh, and also, thanks for the critique! I seem to miss the little things every so often. Thank you again, Shopgirl0978!

Author's Response: All fixed now... and I appreciate you pointing it out... thank you again!