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Reviews For Decanted Memories

firefly1242009.11.29 - 12:46AM1: A story about Jack and Rose and somewhat about the Doctor, told in five liquors.Signed
This was a treat! I love stories that explore Jack's lost memories, and I love that you didn't tie them all up in a pretty bow here. You're right that those prompts slotted together nicely. Great job!

Otrame2008.09.02 - 11:19AM1: A story about Jack and Rose and somewhat about the Doctor, told in five liquors.Signed
ran across this one today. Really enjoyed it. Well written and nicely twisty text. I loved the various liquors too. Well done.

TARDIS_stowaway2008.08.26 - 05:16AM1: A story about Jack and Rose and somewhat about the Doctor, told in five liquors.Signed
This is absolutely fascinating. Any danger that invades the TARDIS is exceptionally scary. The little glimpse into Jack's missing years was intriguing, raising questions but hinting that we may not want to know the answers. I love Jack's conversations with Rose about accepting danger. This story got recced at calufrax, and it certainly deserved it.

ClocketPatch2007.06.19 - 02:37AM1: A story about Jack and Rose and somewhat about the Doctor, told in five liquors.Signed
I was doing a search for Nine and Jack and stumbled across this absolute jewel. Fan-fucking-tastic. From start to finish. This is the kind of story I love to read but find impossible to write myself, and therefore I heap praises upon anyone who does write one. Threading together different bits and events to tell a coherent story and giving a good little education on the universe's best alcohol at the same time. When the telepathic field started to unravel, that was completely scary, especially when Nine said that the real danger was him. just chilling. All of it. just - wow.

rutsky2007.04.04 - 11:32PM1: A story about Jack and Rose and somewhat about the Doctor, told in five liquors.Signed
I re-read this tonight, reacquainting myself with your stories and your sensibility. This is remarkable, and beautifully told: how prescient are you, I wonder, with your mention of the fairies who steal one's memory? Jack's and Rose's beautiful conversations ("Getting used to having two boyfriends and watching them snog, when you're not from a culture that does that:" Jack made the finger and thumb gesture for an itty bitty bit. "Getting used to the idea of your own death:" He opened the measure wide.") are pure pleasure to read, because they tell me something about the two of them, and about the way people learn about each other. Jack's sudden slip into the madness of the TARDIS is dense, and demanding of a reader, and thus particularly satisfying - thank you for making me *work* at this! The rewards, from flashes of wry wit ("He feels like he's gotten into a foxhole just to discover that God is dead.") to pure power ("The present is such a fragile skin, the surface tension of it making reality waver a little here, and she feels like she could fall through it and be caught up with him somehow if she wasn't careful. ") to mesmerizing images, like the showers of glass and flying debris that decorate Jack's shattered memory, are solid and wonderful. I know I'm rambling a bit, but I love this feast. (And from a fellow Brust fan, yet...)

Author's Response: It\'s good to have a comment here after so long, and such a good one, too! This story gave me trouble, getting the plot to happen in and around the characters, and it was the last one I finished before I went through a period of being at a distance from the fandom -- I overloaded my brain in some fashion. I\'m very glad to hear you appreciate this. :-) I think the fairy-story connection is deeply embedded in Doctor Who at every level. And the way people learn about each other is, well, almost a kink or obsession for me in itself.... Thank you.

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