Reviews For Fallen Angel

2019.04.17 - 02:32AM
4: Chapter 4/4

Excellent story. Although I really hope Jack finds 10 and kicks his butt. Glad Rose stayed cause IMHO 10 was a jerk. Well done.

2016.08.10 - 12:46AM
4: Chapter 4/4

I am just now seeing this story and I am deeply impressed by it - thank you for writing it! And bonus, it's a Eight-Rose - not enough of them out there!

2011.03.30 - 12:23PM
1: Chapter 1/4

Good heavens. That was so startlingly unlike anything I've ever read, but it was marvelous. I've never even seen Eight, but you made him so beautifully clear in such a short space. And he and Rose are lovely together. No pressure, but if you do write a sequel (or a whole series of sequels...), I'll be first in line to read it!

2009.12.21 - 02:35PM
4: Chapter 4/4

A sequel would be fantastic

2009.08.25 - 11:01PM
1: Chapter 1/4

I've recently discovered the fantastic pairing of Rose/Eight, so I'm especially happy to have stumbled upon this story. Great job capturing Eight's voice. Love the story and love how Rose got together with Eight. As other reviewers have said, more adventures from Rose and Eight would be great!

2009.03.13 - 01:15AM
1: Chapter 1/4

Total *thumbs up* on this.

2006.11.17 - 12:46AM
1: Chapter 1/4

I know that I reviewed this when you posted it on T&C, but I just had to, again, say 1) how much I loved this story, and 2) that I wish you would continue writing in this particular AU. The chemistry that you have developed between Eight and Rose just *begs* to be further explored. I would ask you to PLEASE consider continuing this storyline!

2006.11.04 - 07:30AM
4: Chapter 4/4

Really very impressive - by far the best Eight/Rose story I've read in a bloody long time. The plot was brief and necessarily simple but still very interesting. Very well done indeed - I'd be pleased to read more if you decide to continue on :)

Author's Response: Thank you for a very thoughtful review, and I\'m glad you enjoyed the story. A continuation is unlikely in the near future, but I won\'t rule it out completely. For now, though, I *really* need to get back to writing original fiction!

2006.11.03 - 11:26AM
4: Chapter 4/4

Wow, I really enjoyed that! I've been reading it as you updated, and actually checking back to see if the next chapter was up. I love Rose's decision in the end. Brilliant!

Author's Response: That\'s very flattering! Thanks for taking the time to review, and I\'m glad the story was enjoyable.

2006.11.03 - 08:16AM
4: Chapter 4/4

A perfect ending to a perfect story. Looking forward to more stories from you in the future;-)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2006.11.02 - 09:24AM
3: Chapter 3/4

Another brilliant chapter! Well written and I loved the imagery of the Doctor in that fantasy place. Yay, Jack is back! Oh and so I don't forget to tell're a great writer and keep up with the excellent work;-)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! ::grins sheepishly::

2006.11.02 - 08:48AM
3: Chapter 3/4

Wonderful chapter. I loved it when the Doctor could see Rose's memories, really poignant. And aah! How did Jack get there!

Author's Response: Thank you! Ch.4 is up, and all will be explained...

2006.10.30 - 11:57AM
1: Chapter 1/4

*EEEEEEEEEEEEEE* I got shivers, you're a god of the art of writing, pony. *bounces delightedly* LoveloveloveloveloveLOVE this!

Author's Response: ::laughs delightedly:: Well, I\'m certainly glad you\'re enjoying it!

2006.10.30 - 10:53AM
2: Chapter 2/4

Wow... words fail me, but this is definitely the best Rose meets the alt-8th Doctor story I've read!

Author's Response: ::blushes:: Thank you! I hope the last two parts can live up to everyone\'s expectations.

2006.10.30 - 10:10AM
2: Chapter 2/4

Well I'm glued to my computer waiting for more. But don't rush, I can wait.

I'd be sitting here anyway, of course.

Author's Response: I\'ll put Ch. 3 up about the same time tomorrow, and my goal is to have the end posted by tomorrow night. The characters are being annoyingly long-winded at the moment, though. :-P