Reviews For Worth Fighting For

2020.04.17 - 01:42AM
1: Chapter 1: Opening Salvos

Wow! This is the first J/R I have read and although I avoid it on principle I am really obsessed with this!!! Would love to see more of them if your muse so dictates :)

2008.09.03 - 06:48PM
2: Chapter 2: To The Victor Go The Spoils

I dont think I've ever read a Jack/Rose story before but it's such a great change and so nice to see how much Jack loves Rose. I'm intrigued now. I look forward to reading the next story in the series. :)

2007.03.13 - 02:12AM
2: Chapter 2: To The Victor Go The Spoils

Whew! *fans self* As hot as... well, anything. This may be my favorite J/R first time -- or anytime -- ever!

2006.12.05 - 04:23PM
2: Chapter 2: To The Victor Go The Spoils

Gah! This was hot, particularly with the emotional tension going on beneath the whole seduction then lovemaking. Jack's never been more appealing- or gorgeous- than he is here! And what woman can't relate to Rose's fustration? She has to be professional, but in the meantime, she's sure she's not going to get want she wants in her personal life and can't show it, particularly to the man she works with and loves. Great story! Gah, again!

2006.10.22 - 09:41AM
1: Chapter 1: Opening Salvos

I've been putting of this read until I had nice quiet time ~ it is not the kind of thing I want to read at work... Too steamy! I love your characterisation of Jack and Rose-- Hero wolf Jack and pure human Rose-- I could feel just like her in that situation... reduced to an embarrassed teenager... ugh!! You know what they say about how good a woman is in bed:

If I were asked for a one line answer to the question "What makes a woman good in bed?" I would say, "A man who is good in bed."
- - Bob Guccione (1978)

I think Jack will prove this true. But masochist that I am, I will save chapter two for later, after I go to farmer's market. I want to anticipate as well. Thanks for a steamy read.

Author's Response: LOVE the quote! ;) And I\'m so glad you liked it. I think any woman would feel a bit uncertain faced with Jack\'s... experience. I know I would. But sometimes you just have to go with the flow. ;)

2006.10.19 - 03:34PM
2: Chapter 2: To The Victor Go The Spoils

How on earth did I miss this?!?!?!

Fantastic story - very hot and so true to the characters.

You've made me feel all glowy ;-D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m glad you found it and enjoyed it. :D

2006.10.19 - 08:28AM
2: Chapter 2: To The Victor Go The Spoils

Jack is so good knowing how to take and when to let go the control. The intensity of their love making was a delight to read. I think Jack was at times overwhelmed by his own deep emotions and poor Rose hasnít realised heís in love with her too.

I am pleased you are going to write more in this AU and shall look forward with anticipation to your next offerings.

Author's Response: Glad you\'re looking forward to the next \'installment\' of the story. Will still be a bit before it goes up, but I am working on it. Torchwood inspired me. But you\'re right. Jack was and is overwhelmed by his emotions and that\'s what the next bit will be centered on. Him finally figuring out that he is in love with her and what he does about it. ;)

2006.10.19 - 08:22AM
1: Chapter 1: Opening Salvos

Oh I love how Michael was savvy enough to work out the dilemma between Rose and Jack. The Telephone kiosk scene was brilliantly written, hot, sexy and fun! Goodness, could do with a Jack in my life! LOL.

Author's Response: Couldn\'t we all! ;) And thank you so much! I think that was one of my favorite parts. Talk about taking the edge off. ;)

2006.10.19 - 01:52AM
1: Chapter 1: Opening Salvos

Well, that was just simply perfect. I never felt a false note in the entire story. Thanks so much for the steam!

Author's Response: And thank you for the lovely comments! Glad you enjoyed it!

2006.10.19 - 01:29AM
2: Chapter 2: To The Victor Go The Spoils

but but you can't be finished! I need to know how it happened that Rose told Jack that she loved him and Jack told her that he loves her and it was all good!

Please sir, can we have some more!

As an aside - I was actually quite hesitant to read this because I thought I was going to get all upset again about Jack but it turned out to be awesome and sexy and incredibly hot!

I really hope you aren't finished with this 'verse *big puppy dog eyes*

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!! I was really hoping that the emotion of it was such that you wouldn\'t focus on knowing how it all ends. Although, if you think about it, spending a lifetime with the person you love isn\'t exactly a bad thing. As far as being finished with this universe, I\'m not. :D I\'m going to take a break while I finish my ficathon fic, but there will be at least one more Jack/Rose story.

2006.10.19 - 12:58AM
2: Chapter 2: To The Victor Go The Spoils

Just amazing. So glad you decided to explore this particular universe a bit more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'ll do a bit more \'exploring\' after my ficathon fic is done. :)

2006.10.18 - 11:40PM
2: Chapter 2: To The Victor Go The Spoils

Very fun and hot!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

2006.10.18 - 05:31PM
1: Chapter 1: Opening Salvos

This is great stuff; I can actually see it happening like this. I hope there's more soon. btw, if you arrange to have someone spill a coffeepot on Michael (smack*), I will send you money. Name an amount. I'm willing to negotiate.

Author's Response: LMAO! I\'ll take the coffeepot under consideration. Although I think if he looks at Jack again, Rose might have a word or two for him. ;) Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I\'m thrilled people are enjoying this fic!

2006.10.18 - 03:27AM
1: Chapter 1: Opening Salvos

Damn. That was just so fantastically good. I think I died a number of times reading that and I think I fell madly and passionately in love with Jack as well *g*

Author's Response: Well, it\'s not hard to fall madly, passionately in love with Jack. ;) All I did was get him out of his clothes. So to speak. I\'m so glad you liked it!

2006.10.17 - 10:14PM
1: Chapter 1: Opening Salvos

but then that was Jack. If it breathed, he flirted with it. She was even relatively sure she caught him chatting up the aspidistra plant in her office one afternoon. It had been a slow day.
This is a completely hysterical mental image. It's my favourite in the chapter. Well done!

I love how you turned up the heat, cool us off a bit with a little wit or exposition, then turn up the heat further. Goodness. Brilliant job constructing the progress of the fic to mirror Rose's state of arousal. The heat of the next chapter might just burn my eyes out. I'll be certain to read with shades on.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I certainly hope the second half stands up to your high praise. :)