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Membio2006.10.17 - 05:01PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Ah! well with just a little clarification I didn't have to worry about who was who and it was a very enjoyable read. I like your 11th Doctor. I do remember your Anne from your previous story now :) Silly human apes! Mucking about with things they don't understand, letting emotion get in the way of science... always a bad sign.

Membio2006.10.17 - 01:38PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Well written and interesting, though, I must admit I am a bit unsure who some of the characters are... I mean with 'Grandfather' and 'Susan' I thought we might have something first Doctorish, but he seems to be a contemporary human messing around in an area he probably should not... And then Doctor Smith... he might be the sixth Doctor? (Wire-rim glasses and curly hair?) But I can't really tell. I like it so far and have hopes it will become more clear. But there are a lot of characters and I donít know them yet.

Author's Response: Ann is the girl from my stories An Earthly Child and Return to Tara. If Susan is anything more than a normal human, well that remains to be seen. Sorry if the the bit with Doctor was a bit confusing. Hope you enjoy the next part.

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