2010.08.12 - 01:54AM
1: Chapter 1

New record: shortest fic ever to cause me to cry.

Author's Response: Oops! Hopefully a good kind of crying. Thank you.

2009.04.10 - 01:17PM
1: Chapter 1

That was indeed very beautiful. With Rose being so loving, caring and selfless the Doctor would truly have had the chance of coming to terms with the loss of Rose more easily. And tears were dwelling in my eyes... but honestly: I don't want him to come to terms with the loss of Rose! (I'm so selfish, I know.) So I'm quite contend with it not being part of the official canon... though it could have been, o.k! *handsupindefeat* (*g*)

Author's Response: Oh, you and me both! I don\'t care what anyone says, Rose WAS different to the other companions. Besides, the new series has been the first time we\'ve had a hottie for the Doctor (hardly a term that could be applied to Patrick Troughton, for example!), so she had good reason! I just hope the fact there\'s another version of the Doctor in another universe who can grow old without spoiling cannon means we can have him return at some date to help out with Rose in tow. Now wouldn\'t THAT be cool! Thanks for taking the time to review. It really is appreciated (especially as I have a stinking cold at the moment and needed a pick me up!)

2008.10.22 - 08:15PM
1: Chapter 1

That was completely and utterly beautiful and incredibly heartbreaking at the same time. You're right, it would have been good if they'd done something like this to show the Doctor resolved to move on... but then again, I guess he never fully did. Martha found out about that the hard way.

Anyway, great work! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, we kinda got a form of closure this time around, so not so bad. Glad you\'re enjoying my stuff!

2008.08.24 - 12:07AM
1: Chapter 1

hi,i found your story via a fic recommendation by chloe_2450 on live journal.thank you for writing such a beautiful story.i loved reading every word of it,even though it made me cry.

Author's Response: Well, I think sometimes it\'s a good thing to have a bit of a cry. The main thing is that you enjoyed it. I\'d hate to think I make people miserable with my stories. Very keen on happy endings, me! Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

2007.10.15 - 11:45PM
1: Chapter 1

Since this is the story that needs the extra love in the reviews arena *winks* I'll add this here...
I came here via malaleen (who I found via shrak). I've read almost everything here and have now added you to favourites too. I love your work and hope to read more very soon :)

Author's Response: Ahh, two writers whose work I enjoy. Check out wmr\'s Disintegration as well. Awesome story!

2007.10.15 - 04:53PM
1: Chapter 1

This is beautifully written, I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the part where it describes him showing her his mind. It's written with that same 'grab her hand and run off grinning into the next adventure' feeling that their actual adventures had.
I really do wish they'd install a [loved it] button.

Author's Response: You know, very few people have reviewed this one and of all of mine it seems to be the least popular, yet I do like it and put a fair bit into it, so it\'s nice to know I\'m not alone. As for the extra button, you\'ve said it and that means the world. Thanks!

2007.07.26 - 10:54PM
1: Chapter 1

curse that little "opinion of the story?" drop down box for not having a "loved it" option. heartbreakingly beautiful, and you can add me to the list of people you made cry. absolutely amazing, definite favorite!

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Of all my stories, this one gets the least attention but I\'m very fond of it, so it\'s great when someone else notices. I\'d say sorry for making you cry, but that was sort of the point!

2007.04.28 - 03:05AM
1: Chapter 1

Dammit. I have tears in my eyes. That is just so beautiful.

and now I cry.


Author's Response: Yay! Someone\'s still reading this one. For some reason this doesn\'t get nearly as much attention as the others and I really like it, so it\'s good to know it\'s still getting noticed. Thank you!

2006.11.18 - 07:54AM
1: Chapter 1

I appreciate your warning in the A/N. I cried after reading this, but because this is sad, beautiful, and really sweet. I could almost see this being a season 3 episode shortly after he ditches the bride and before he picks up Martha
You've got a good talent for getting into the character's voices.
Okay, I need to stop rambling. Excellent story

Author's Response: Thank you. I needed a bit of closure and since I can\'t see RTD bothering, the next best thing was to write it myself.
I\'m glad you think I have the voices right as it\'s something I work on a lot. Capturing the voices is a vital piece of fanfic writing. If a person can\'t do that then they shouldn\'t post because they\'d be well deserving of a review I once read that said, \"The only similarity between this author\'s characters and the ones in the show is the unfortunate coincidence of naming!\"

2006.10.14 - 06:03AM
1: Chapter 1

Oh -- wow. This was beautiful. The telepathic sex, and especially Rose turning the tables on him -- I love that side of her, I wish we'd seen it more in the actual series, and I am absolutely thrilled with stories that go there. Thank you.

Author's Response: The twist I had to use after the problem was revealed did feel like a bit of a cheat to me. There\'s a real danger of too much deus ex machina, but since I was only adding a tiny bit of reinforcement to what the series already put there I felt I could get away with it. *just* Good to hear I\'m maintaining the standard.

2006.10.14 - 05:29AM
1: Chapter 1

my god. you captured Rose perfectly. that was beautiful, you can certainly add me to the apparently ever-growing 'people you made cry' list :P

Author's Response: I should feel bad about that, but I think sometimes it\'s good to cry. If I get to the end of a story that\'s been an emotional roller-coaster with a devastating denoument and I DON\'T cry I feel cheated. A bit surprising when I\'ve had grown men I don\'t think of as particularly emotional come up to me and call me various names (in a nice way) for making them feel like a wuss, but I take it as a compliment. Nice to know I got Rose right. By the end of the series she\'s not the girl who ran into the TARDIS at the start, but it\'s hard to capture the subtleties. Thanks for writing!

2006.10.14 - 05:29AM
1: Chapter 1

Insightful, goregous and bloody sad. I also liked how you handled the Doctor and Rose getting...erm...busy...in so many stories it's just a shag between two people, but you put reasonable obsitcles both of body and mind in the way and for that made it much better and more timelordy story. Loved it,


Author's Response: Like many of us, I imagine, I\'d wondered why the Doctor\'s so reluctant. If Rose doesn\'t mind the age difference, the fact he\'s alien or the life he leads, and he can get over the fact he\'d always going to lose anyone he loves but that\'s no reason not to live, then there had to be something more that was holding him back. Telepathy combined with nearly a thousand years\' worth of experience crashing down and hurting her made sense as that reason. And I don\'t care for \'wham, bang, thank-you-ma\'am\' sex in stories. It\'s a disservice to the characters and boring for the reader (plenty of porn out there if that\'s all a person wants). To me, sex in fanfic should be the natural progression of the depth of emotion shared between the characters. That way it\'s part of the story, not merely a titilation shoved on the end.

Glad you liked it and thank you for taking the time to review.

2006.10.14 - 05:26AM
1: Chapter 1

Keep up the good work, but next time don't make me cry. Pretty please.

Author's Response: To be fair, if I was going to do this at all properly it HAD to make people cry. Anything less would have been an insult to an amazing love story. But yeah, I\'ll try not to do that too often, OK?

2006.10.14 - 03:42AM
1: Chapter 1

That was absolutely beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you.