Reviews For What We Used To Be

2006.11.20 - 11:49PM
2: All or Nothing

Sad but very sweet and I loved the ending and the fact that this didn't turn into a let's bash Rienette fic.

Author's Response: I didn\'t want to put that sort of fic out there because I can\'t do that very well. I just wanted to put it forward that Rose was hurt by it and I\'m happy you got that. Thanks for the review!

2006.10.18 - 10:32AM
2: All or Nothing

Awwww so sad!! Keep em coming!!!!

Author's Response: Sorry but this one\'s over! Might get round to posting a sequel, though...

2006.10.17 - 04:04PM
2: All or Nothing

Very big of Rose to be the one to walk out. She's grown up a bit eh? You'd think a Lord of Time with all his experience would be a bit better at it... but he's such a guy.

Author's Response: Oh definitely! A very human side of the Doctor in this fic, I think. It just worked out that way, I suppose...thanks for the review!

2006.10.12 - 01:27AM
1: What We Used To Be

This was really sad, I LOVED the last line, I was like, No! Go back in there and tell him you love him!! Make him tell you!!!

Author's Response: Damn you guessed the next chapter!!!! Well maybe you have and maybe you haven\'t, you;ll just have to wait for the conclusion, won\'t you??? Thanks for the review!

2006.10.11 - 11:20AM
1: What We Used To Be

WAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!*Sobs* So sad, please continue this!!!!!!Oh, and what was the title of that song in there, the Evanescence one??????

Author's Response: Okay, you must calm down!!! It\'s called Missing and I\'ve had this story idea in my head for ages and never got round to writing it. Thanks for the review, Romana!

2006.10.10 - 09:15PM
1: What We Used To Be

*tear* I love that Evanescence song! Well done!!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, don\'t cry, I promise to make it better!

2006.10.10 - 04:46PM
1: What We Used To Be

Nicely written :) It is shaping up to be a Romeo and Juliet sort of story eh? I can see it forming. I used to keep a journal, sometimes I wish I still didů maybe I should start one again.

Author's Response: This story idea actually stems from my old journal last year, I was quite depressed and yeah in a way, it\'s a bit Romeo and Juliet but not quite as tragic I hope! Thanks for the review!