Reviews For Visiting Alien

2013.04.27 - 10:35AM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

Oh - I loved that... every element of it. It showed a true relationship, one that developed... and that was just Rose and the TARDIS! Really loved it.

Author's Response: Hee hee. I did make an attempt to give a more mature relationship to the characters in this one. A crush is one thing, but it has to develop to survive once the tinted specs are removed. I think this relationship was made to last. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for taking the time to review!

2012.12.03 - 07:48PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

Blew my mind. Can't even think properly. Thank you!

Author's Response: Well thank you. Really glad you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the others as much.

2009.11.22 - 01:29PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

What a tremendous story - you wrote the characters so well, and kept us guessing until the end. I knew you were a good writer, but this is amazing for a first story. Good work x

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m glad I managed to get it right first time out. Hope you enjoy my other offerings as much and cheers for taking the time let me know.

2009.08.30 - 01:23PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

This is superbly written. I don't even think words could suffice how spot on you've got these two characters.

Author's Response: Thank you! Considering this was my first attempt in the DW world I was quite pleased with it and it delights me stilll more to find people are still reading it. Hope you enjoy my other stuff just as much!

2009.03.05 - 06:39PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

Oh, I'm so glad this was on the featured stories list! LOVED IT! Looking forward to reading some of your other stuff. Such a nice job on this one- a very different twist while staying true to the characters.

Author's Response: Not bad for my first attempt in this universe, eh? Hope you enjoy the others as much and thank you for reviewing.

2009.01.31 - 11:03AM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

loved it a lot, a very interesting point of view))

Author's Response: Thank you. Hope you enjoy the rest of my stuff.

2007.10.15 - 03:34PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

I haven't read anything like this on here before I don't think. I've read plenty of 'grown up' Ten/Rose reunion fics but nothing quite this mature (and I don't mean the sex rating). I really like the interaction between them and the grown up Rose is very well written.
I think I followed the dynamic. She realises he simply can't admit he needs her and when she realises she plays it back to him as if she knows something he doesn't. That makes him feel like he's lost control of the situation and in turn forces his hand into deciding she's going with him, which makes him feel like he's back in control. *breathes* I think... I sort of lost the thread towards the end.
Anyway, it's one of the best 'adults having a sensible conversation' fics I've seen around here. All the fluff and romance is nice but there are practicalities involved with a human/Timelord combo that it's nice to see addressed sometimes.

Author's Response: She\'s doing some reverse psychology on him because she really gets him now, so yes, you got it right. I must admit, while I like a bit of fluff sometimes, I do prefer some serious meat and I\'ve never been a shy and retiring wall flower at the best of times. I made Rose as strong as I thought she was capable of being. I\'ve never seen her as weak anyway, but years away from him working for Torchwood sure would toughen her up.

Thanks for taking the time to review. After so long it\'s lovely to see new people are reading my fic and take the time to tell me what they think. Much appreciated.

2007.03.08 - 10:41PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

Aww, that was a great fic! I love the ending, hehe ;-D

Author's Response: Not bad for a first crack in the DW arena, huh? Glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to say so.

2006.12.29 - 03:00AM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

LOL Yeah, she got him good ;) Glad she and the TARDIS have an understanding :)

Author's Response: Girls have got to stick together, right? I think there\'s a lot more to the relationship of a TARDIS to those it chooses to communicate with and I think she liked Rose a lot so she\'ll help her. Thanks for reviewing!

2006.11.18 - 12:57PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

Wow, this is great and I love the realism to it, making Rose not the same woman who jumped on the TARDIS at 19 but making a mature, responsible, educated woman who actually considers her actions, very very nice.

Author's Response: This one is the \'post watershed Dr Who\' version *grin* One of the things I\'ve really enjoyed about the new show is that it feels less like childrens TV as adult TV toned down so kids can enjoy it too. There are subtle undercurrents there for us to see if we wish and both sides can watch it on different levels. Rose is intelligent and, now, experienced enough to think things through -- something that I see as a natural progression of her character (if only we were allowed to see it!).

Basically, damn you RTD for making me care so much about Rose \'cos it\'s gonna make the new season quite painful to watch at the start. I don\'t think Freema will ever be able to replace Billie in my heart, though hopefully I\'ll grow to like her character *crossing fingers furiously*

2006.10.08 - 05:18PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

loved the ending!!!!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks.

2006.10.08 - 02:33PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

Definately well done story! Thanks for another look into how it could have gone/will have gone in the post Doomsday alt U world. I think it's funny the Doctor put Rose on the level with the Face of Bo. Do share more writing with the Teaspoon! Thanks!

Author's Response: Um, Rose put the Doctor on a near level with the Face of Bo, not the other way around, but thanks for the positive feedback. Glad you liked it.

2006.10.08 - 07:02AM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

Oh, wow. I'm posting a rec fir this on my livejournal, and I will repeat some of what I have to say there:

This is the first piece of fan fiction that I have seen which convinces me one hundred percent, no wishful thinking involved, that the two of them could actually work out as a realistic healthy long-term relationship.

Best lines: the Doctor's self-psychoanalysis.

"He puts his hands behind his head and stretches out. ďLetís seeÖ My sense of duty is set far too high, I rush into dangerous situations to offset the fact I consider the consequences of emotional ones for so long they cease to be an issue. Iím a manic depressive who keeps travelling because the thought of having to keep my own company without distraction for any length of time terrifies me. Iím fiercely independent, feel rules are only there to be ignored in favour of the far stricter rules I place on myself ó "

Brilliant. Just oh. Gah. Yay. People communicating as adults, dealing with issues instead of dancing around them, dealing with implications and consequences: of the things fan fiction does, these are my favorites, and are what I try to write into my own.

I'm generally most interested in sexual situations, and it's a rare story that I run across which has good sex in it but makes me walk away blown over not by the sex but by the communication. (You might like "Tiny Human Heads" by kalima, if you haven't read it yet, for this reason.)

Author's Response: SO glad you liked the adult conversation. I\'ve a pet peeve when authors have any characters fawning over each other like 17 year old hormone reservoirs. I can\'t remember EVER being that bad and I don\'t inflict it on my characters. Anything else and I find this overwhelming urge to kick them and tell them to \"get over it for goodness sake!\"

As a friend once commented \"Take the total of projections, the total of orifices and you have the sum total of human sexual activity without external aids\". Given that, sex qua sex is actually pretty boring if you\'re not doing it. We look ridiculous and we do things we wouldn\'t dream of when in a more sober frame of mind. Sex as the natural extension and expression of overwhelming emotion with lots of communication (whether verbal or non-verbal, but these two are talkers, so...), now THAT, to me, is interesting and fun and MUCH more erotic. You\'ll never get a sex scene from me that isn\'t arrived at after a sensible build up.

I\'ll check out your recommendation. Thanks. And thank you for the review and cross posting. Much appreciated.

2006.10.08 - 02:09AM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

Aww this was lovely. Great characterizations from both Rose and the Doctor. Loved the cat too, reminds me so much of my own one. Hope there is a sequel planned.

Author's Response: There wasn\'t, but it looks like there might be one now. We\'ll see if these two deign to talk to me some more.

2006.10.07 - 10:50PM
1: Studies in abnormal psychology

Good, good stuff. Poignant, amusing, and a distinct possibility for their characters.

Author's Response: After years of the TV Doctor only hanging around with teenagers I kinda like the idea of him being with someone who knows him so well and has the intellectual and emotional stability to deal with him. Whole new sandbox to play in!