Reviews For Dreaming Sacrilege

2014.02.08 - 04:08PM
1: 1: Therapy

Brilliant and unusual - not the same fanfic we often read. And then unfinished. Oh no!

2007.05.07 - 02:36AM
1: 1: Therapy

Wow! Just found this and was drawn straight in. Love young!Doctor fic. I hope that you continue.

2007.04.16 - 03:34PM
1: 1: Therapy

Wow, very neat. I'm just getting in to all this stuff myself, and I'd like to see where you planned to go with this.
Will you be writing more, eventually?
I hope so!

2006.12.13 - 09:11PM
1: 1: Therapy

Very interesting! And well written.
I look forward to more!

2006.10.07 - 09:58AM
1: 1: Therapy

Very interesting theme - we don't have enough fiction with tehDoctor as a young man or boy. Nice - please more?

2006.10.06 - 04:58PM
1: 1: Therapy

Interesting start!