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2012.08.13 - 03:51PM
1: Context

That was good. That was very good. =)

Seriously, really well-written, and I really like how you address the issue of consent, because occasionally the Doctor/Sarah fics make me a bit edgy in that regard.

2010.03.03 - 04:19PM
1: Context

Wow! That WAS very good. The characterization of both of them was brilliant. Just wonderful. And it was hot, which is always very very good.

2009.08.29 - 09:18AM
1: Context

Brilliant! In character and glorious, I loved this story.

2009.08.15 - 06:52PM
1: Context

I first read this story on Lost Luggage, and since that site is gone now I was delighted to find it here. I think this is a lovely story, full of wonderful language and imagery.

2008.07.16 - 01:23AM
1: Context

This manages to be thoughtful, in character, AND thoroughly hot! Bravo!

2008.06.09 - 10:01PM
1: Context

Just... wow.
I too am slightly squicked by the thought of a naked Tom Baker sexxin' various and sundry companions, but I like this! I really loved the descriptions of their minds interacting...

2007.08.27 - 11:31PM
1: Context

It's a personal hang-up: I just can't help being squicked by the thought of Tom Baker naked, no matter how well executed (and this was fantastically executed!). However, the sentence

"Sense and nonsense made lovely moire patterns in his head."

was fantastic enough to merit a review just to say how fantastic it is. And the scavenged bit of Joyce worked well in context, too.

2007.08.21 - 05:11AM
1: Context

"Sarah's hands working at the catch on his trousers. Sarah's eyes working at the catch on his mind. "

Glorious line. Loved it.

2007.03.21 - 07:08PM
1: Context

"For all I know he's got a cloaca."
That has to be one of the best lines I've seen!
I love your imagery. You turn a metaphor well, and your characterization of the 4th Doctor's thought processes is classic. I'm working my way through the 4th's MA's, PDA's and short stories now, and I agree: I really could see and hear him throughout this peice. I don't think you missed either of them once.
I also like your nod at Sarah's character development through the stories.
You write for them both well.

Author's Response: Thanks and thanks to those who reviewed before. It was HARD to get the voice right, but I\'m glad my work paid off.

2007.02.19 - 04:13PM
1: Context

To quote the story; That was good, that was very good.
Hehe, no, but really. There's way too little good Doctor Who smut out there, not to mention good (or any) Four smut. Which is just not fair, because he's one sexy version of our favourite Time Lord and I'm quite convinced he had a sexuality. Anyway, smut-wise (and otherwise too), this is definitely some of the best I've read so far! I'll just join the club and say that you've captured both their voices perfectly. And you used part of my favourite Ulysses quote. Yay!

2007.01.19 - 09:49PM
1: Context

I'm starting to get into the earlier Doctors and this was great. As always, you tell a good tale - smut and all.

2006.12.31 - 05:25AM
1: Context

Fantastic story and though I haven't watched four for years the voice was perfect - as was Sarah's. Brilliant work *thumbs up*

2006.11.15 - 10:27PM
1: Context

I'm just getting into the 4th Doctor run, and I have to say that you've really handled the characterization and dialogue wonderfully...and I love the linguistic play and the mind sex. Excellent job.

2006.10.09 - 10:21PM
1: Context

I love the playful language in this... it gives me such a feeling of the Fourth Doctor.

2006.10.07 - 10:18AM
1: Context

I nearly missed this story - so glad I found it to review. Loved your characterization of the Doctor and Sarah Jane. Very plausible and the smut was
good too. Thanks.