Reviews For Eventide

2009.06.11 - 05:57PM
1: Eventide

Top on inside out! lol! Too funny. I've always wanted to see Jack/Sarah just because. Thanks!

2006.11.22 - 05:35PM
1: Eventide

Oh silly boy~ can't be kept down for a minute. Good to know Sarah's still alive ;) Funny and cute. Thanks for a nice romp.

2006.11.01 - 01:44PM
1: Eventide

Good for Sarah! LOL - love it.

2006.10.02 - 11:11AM
1: Eventide

Jack – well you certainly can’t keep a good boy down VBG.

When it was pointed out that Sarah Jane had her top on inside out - that was so funny I laughed out loud!

Nice little scene and I’m looking forward to “Torchwood” airing this month.