2008.09.28 - 01:09AM
2: Pt. 2: Big Sister

Me, too. Tripped and fell right into it. Nice twist to things (I always liked Ramona), and Rose is doing well for herself,which is good to imagine. Thanks!

2007.08.11 - 04:12PM
2: Pt. 2: Big Sister

I just recently stumbled onto this story & loved it to bits. I loved your characterisation of Rose & it was a pleasure to read this.

Zen Clarke
2006.09.30 - 08:55AM
1: Pt. 1

Ooooo! I bet I know who it is! It's the Doctor isn't it!?! Well, off to find out! (Great book by the way!)

Author's Response: Heh. Enjoy your surprise. :-)

2006.09.29 - 03:06PM
1: Pt. 1

Oooh, this is awesome! I love your Rose, and I really want to know what happens next.

I also love your OCs, and how often does that happen?

Author's Response: Probably about as often as you see fanfic written by a shirking MFA student? ;-) Thank you!

2006.09.29 - 02:11PM
1: Pt. 1

An exciting beginning. The setup makes me eager to see more.

2006.09.29 - 11:12AM
1: Pt. 1

oooooooooo intriguing! when do we get more?

2006.09.29 - 10:17AM
1: Pt. 1

Ok, that was really cool. I don't really care where you are going with it, but keep going! Your Rose is brilliant.