2010.03.19 - 04:03AM
3: Chapter 3

hi, i think youre stories are brill, are you going to finish this one.xx

2007.01.02 - 12:34AM
3: Chapter 3

Good on Hayley. She's confirming my opinion of her as one of the best OCs I've seen.

2006.12.25 - 10:31PM
1: Chapter 1

I'm liking the idea, how torchwood and everything tie in. Maybe the Rose thing is like a hint towars Rose? i Don't knw. your writing style often seems a little unprofessional but then, you arent a proessional and ive just started mny first one and its terrible!
the girl being all magical slihgtly reminds me of 'fear her'.. anyways good luck!

2006.12.25 - 09:50PM
1: Chapter 1

So far, I like this. Original companions are tough to write, and so far I like Hayley. Looking forward to seeing more.

2006.11.13 - 03:33PM
2: Chapter 2

That's an intriguing start. It's quite logical that the Doctor's companions would end up goldmines of information for people like Torchwood.

2006.11.13 - 02:31PM
2: Chapter 2

OooOoOh! Neato! Torchwood trickery and whatnot. You've started a really neat piece here. We will wonder if we can trust the Doctor's new companion if she does join him... she seems pretty neat!

2006.11.13 - 02:22PM
1: Chapter 1

A very compelling and interesting idea for a story! I like that he was somehow drawn there via the library and acted so rude. True to form :)
Her line:
“Aliens that look human? I thought that was just in cheap films with no make up budget.”
Made me laugh-- isn't it so? Great start. I look forward to the next chapter!