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ClocketPatch2007.05.07 - 02:29AM1: Close QuartersSigned
I read this because Three is my favourite Doctor even though his shower scene disturbs me more than anything (I like his ruffles, I like him IN his ruffles) well this just disturbed me even more. Can't, won't, refuse to picture it. ARGHH!!! nightmares are haunted forever. How could you???

Agreed that they probably have the most different voices of any Doctors, and they'd make awesome foils for each other. It would be great if someone wrote a multi-chapter cross-over *looks around* just because Three is great and needs more love.

Erm, that spirled into ranting didn't it? Sorry. Great story, even if it is going to haunt my dreams.

livii2007.01.09 - 06:53PM1: Close QuartersSigned
Oh, this is great - I had suggested Three/Ten in a meme and was directed here, and it's just as I thought - they'd be a perfect foil for each other. Great!

Harriet2006.11.19 - 09:11AM1: Close QuartersSigned
*splutters on cup of tea* You what?!

Can't see it myself! Nicely written, if disturbing.

PencilGuardian2006.09.26 - 04:23PM1: Close QuartersSigned
Freud would probably have some very insightful things to say about this sort of thing. Me, I just think it's twisted and funny.

Jon Pertwee and David Tennant?? Jon Pertwee....and David Tennant...? Mind...refusing...to...go...there...OW!

Author's Response: I posted it because I think these Doctors make brilliant foils for each other, and have probably the most different voices of any. :-)

MrBrightside2006.09.26 - 01:37PM1: Close QuartersSigned
Verrrry disturbing...

mllelaurel2006.09.26 - 12:45AM1: Close QuartersSigned
I haven't even seen "Inferno" yet (though now I really want to), and I love this.

"Everyone wants to shag me!" ...And Ten isn't doing everything in his power to encourage this, oh noooo.

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