Reviews For A Walking Feast

2007.01.10 - 05:24AM
1: Episode 10

Nice. I really liked this one. Not sure if the undertaker scene works (would they be arranging a funeral only a day after the disappearence? probably not), and according to various places the Doctor is over a 1000 years old, and he has a time machine... but nit-picks asside I love these stories. They're so imaginitive and thought-out. Was 'she' Romana? Since 4 and her had that episode in Paris...?

Author's Response: Lol well i thought the Doctor usually claims he\'s nine hundred, and 4 did once i remember, so i thought by the time 11 was alive he\'d be about 1000 lol =p And originally \"she\" wasnt Romana, but that works better, so now it is =) Hehe, thanks! As always!