Reviews For The Thing I've Got

2011.01.15 - 05:16PM
1: The Thing I've Got

You tell him, Jo! ;) They were a great team. Very cute story.

2007.08.06 - 08:48AM
1: The Thing I've Got

XD Way cute. And I've just seen Terror of the Autons for the first time, so good timing XD (Pah, social skills, who needs 'em? ^_~ ...Actually, I do hope I'm not the only one who gets Aspie vibes off various incarnations of the Doctor, Three included...)

2007.05.19 - 09:05PM
1: The Thing I've Got

Wonderful. Really sweet and so very spot on.

2006.12.05 - 04:00PM
1: The Thing I've Got

I like them as well - she's, as my sister puts it, "One of the few women companions you can see why he lets her stick around"

2006.11.19 - 09:26AM
1: The Thing I've Got

Jo and Three are my favourite ever pairing and it's lovely to see them written about. This story is so true!

2006.09.20 - 10:04PM
1: The Thing I've Got

Yes. He needs her a lot for that, doesn't he? And he's gracious enough to acknowledge it:-)

2006.09.20 - 11:18AM
1: The Thing I've Got

Oh, and isn't that so true of all the Doctors!

Author's Response: I actually think there\'s a certain arc over his lifetimes; One acts totally autistic, Three has some amount of politeness but has not yet learned that if you tell people the truth they won\'t just listen to you. Four has figured out some diversionary tactics. (Haven\'t watched enough to say for the various ones in between.) By the time of his ninth and tenth incarnations, the Doctor\'s gotten the hang of talking people out of attacking him more often than not, and sometimes convincing them of other things -- he has some social skills in Fear Her, for instance. They\'re just not human social skills. :-)

2006.09.20 - 07:45AM
1: The Thing I've Got

Finally, a post that isn't 10/Rose! How refreshing! Jo and Three are one of my favourite TARDIS crews. Very cute!

Author's Response: Thank you! Three is the Doctor of my partner\'s childhood imprints, so we\'re watching through a bunch right now. Expect more fic soon. :-)