Reviews For Predicament

2008.07.07 - 09:20PM
1: Predicament

Short but *wicked.* I enjoy imagining this scene. :D

2007.05.18 - 06:41PM
1: Predicament

*Dies* Delgado!Master with a whip. I'm in love.

2007.05.07 - 02:39AM
1: Predicament

*blinks* You LIKE putting Three in these situations don't you? Not that he isn't smexy with the ruffles and the chest hair. Not to mention the voice, which you caught perfectly.

Author's Response: He\'s one of my favorites. I\'m not sure he\'d be so on his own, except that my partner having been strongly influenced in early childhood by him puts twice as much dimension into how I see the character. :-) Thanks!

Author's Response: PS -- if you like longer Threefic, I also wrote \"Come Back To Tell You All.\" He\'s hard to write for long periods, though, being as emotionally distant as he is.

2006.09.20 - 10:08PM
1: Predicament

All I can say is "hee" They understand each other so well.