2013.02.21 - 10:46AM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

That was a very powerful story, as Rose said fantastic. There was just so much going on. Not only did you show a slightly (mmmmm) Darker!Doctor but in the slow breaking of Rosť I think that you showed her Mature more into a woman rather that a girl. It was a very good bit of character development. I very much enjoyed the read, thank you for sharing.

2009.10.04 - 02:03AM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

My goodness, that was extremely intense. What a powerful story you weave. You capturedthe weaknesses and strengths of each character. The darkness that is in the Doctors soul and Rose, the healer, loyal heart that brings him redemption but not without angst along the way. An intricate tale well told.

2009.07.26 - 09:55AM
1: Chapter 1: Need

I know I'm reviewing something really, really late, but...DONALDSON. You write just his brand of hurt antihero, and honestly I like your Rose better than Linden. Assuming I'm getting the right Donaldson. Anyway, love this and love seeing another fan. Cheers!

Author's Response: You are the only person ever to have read this story to have got the reference! There is also love in the world.

2008.10.22 - 04:22PM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

I'm done with this story an I spent
a wonderful time reading it.
Your writing is intense and I think you
pictured their characters perfect.
I'm still a sucker for the ninth Doctor and
despite the fact, that I learned to live with the tenth Doctor ( and even love him ), I'm still missing the ninth. His character was dark and yet so playful. I miss the chemestry between Rose and him. It was so special and heartwrenching. This story is perfect.
Thank you for sharing it.

2008.10.22 - 02:49PM
2: Chapter 2: Consequences

This chapter is just so painfully perfect.
The doctor's guilt is so tangible and hurts so
much. Excellent writing !

2007.10.25 - 01:48AM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

Wow. Truly, this is fantastic. The "hurting the woman I love for her own good" idea reminds me strongly of V for Vendetta, but this had a much happier ending, for which I'm supremely glad for. Pretty intense stuff, this... well done. "We are all fools in love" - how fitting for not only this story, but the Doctor and Rose in general. Favorite for this newbie! =^_^=

2007.05.15 - 12:54AM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

Wow. This was a brilliant story. I really can't put any other words to it than that. I loved it. :)

Author's Response: My first one, that was. Put my heart into it too.

2007.04.17 - 04:35PM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

You know, this is *so* what was missing from the Doctor/Rose relationship of series 2 - the relationship which falls from joy down to despair, and which goes through a whole spectrum of emotions. The way you've written their relationship in this story is so true to the drama of series 1, and puts the rather indolent relationship of the tenth Doc' and Rose to shame. All the grittiness, the fact that the Doctor is willing to keep Rose in check, to admonish her, to even hurt her if he feels he must, was part of the Nine/Rose equation which made them such a fascinating duo, a pair so in love and yet unable to take that extra step and *be* in love due to the points which you made in your story.

There's probably nothing left to say to you that hasn't already been said, but I just want to reiterate how beautifully written this story was, and how your deep understanding of the characters really shines through - and your ability to use the right words to shape and mould the subject and the scenes, giving the reader the best possible impression of the moment. There are countless sentences I'd love to recite back to you which were just so well-put-together, but I don't have the space or the time; your writing style is an art form in its own right, though, I'll say that.

As an occasional Whovian fanfic writer myself, I have to say that writing the reasons and justification for the ninth Doctor's condition - his perpetual guilt, his yo-yo emotions - is always quite a challenge - it's hard to define with words what Chris Eccleston put across so effortlessly on-screen, with assistance from Murray Gold's score and some wonderful filming and direction - but you've nailed it all perfectly; I envy you!

I only wish we could have perhaps embarked on this alternate-adventure rather than go through the regeneration into the tenth Doctor, and onto a series of DW that I'm not particularly fond of. I am rather enjoying series 3, but it seems likely that series 1 shall become known as "the good ol' days". At least I can always find solace in your wonderful Nine/Rose fics, and can rest assured that my DW DVDs won't wear out like VHS tapes used to. ;)

Thanks for sharing. You're a true credit to the DW fanfic community.

Author's Response: Blimey. I am overcome. I quite like S3 to, and I am very sad to say that Ten is growing on me, now that it is so much easier to forget all the things he isn\'t, and doesn\'t do. This was my first story, and the one that lived in my head for longest before I wrote it. Looking back on it now, I\'m not sure it\'s all that good, and people seem to like the ones with the comedy or a lighter touch about them better. I just like the way that words go together in my head sometimes. Thank you for being such a generous reviewer and taking the time out of your day to bother.

2007.03.04 - 04:00AM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

i finally found it again!!!!!!!!
i read this a while ago, but i couldn't remember what it was called!!!!
i love this fic so much!!!!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. I re-read it again the other day and I didn\'t think it was any good, but I loved writing it at the time, so I suppose that counts for something.

2006.11.22 - 03:56PM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

I was looking for this for about a week, I read it originally on T&C and was searching for it because the writing floored me with the depth of emotions especially angst and love that it presented. Brilliant work.

Author's Response: Thanks - I\'m really flattered that you remembered it actually. Thanks for reviewing. All the same stories are in my LJ journal as well. XX

2006.11.15 - 06:50PM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

That was an incredible story. I like your take on how the repercussions of the Time Vortext might play out. Oh, and you win the prize for hot telepathic sex.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading it all the way through. Most of it was just to set up the telepathy at the end, I admit, so thanks for the prize!!

2006.10.30 - 12:34AM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

After getting this far, I hope nobody is disappointed by the last chapter.

Hell, no! *shakes self out of stunned state* I had no idea how you were going to make this come out o.k. in one more chapter (and was willing to accept it [and cry a lot] if you hadn't - which is saying a lot for me!), but you did.

Hot. Painful. Intense. Unpredictable.


Author's Response: I\'m glad you were happy with the end. It\'s a really really long story and it\'s flattering that anyone has actually read it all the way through. Thanks very much for reviewing, I appreciate it.

2006.10.30 - 12:24AM
5: Chapter 5: ABC

By the end of the second week they had reached an uneasy truce. She would see him for five minutes a day, during which time he would laugh at her efforts, giving her no encouragement or telling her what she was doing wrong, always smiling, bothered by nothing she did. She imagined beating his head in very slowly, with a spoon.

Dead. I'm dead, I tell you. I don't think I would have made it through such an intense story without the priceless bits of (sick) humor tossed in. And that one is just my all-time favorite.

Author's Response: Ho ho. Glad you enjoyed it!

2006.10.26 - 10:04PM
7: Chapter 7: All that ever could be

Angst is always good when it's done well!

Author's Response: OK - I was going to put a warning for you on my third story because it is angst with a capital A but if you\'re feeling brave...

2006.10.26 - 08:44AM
1: Chapter 1: Need

Wow... what can I say? This was absolutley fantastic. A real rollercoaster that swept me away. You have such a talent for writing, and I hope you write more. Thank you for sharing your work.

Author's Response: Blimey, thanks. Hope you like the rest as much.