Reviews For Emergence

2006.10.08 - 06:29PM
6: Chapter 6

Dont say it's so! It's over?! That's wonderful yet awful, as I looked forward to each of these chapters. This is a fantastic Torchwood story. Jack is great, Gwen is smart and tough. Your use of tech was Jack's banter and flirting... always a hit with aliens! Wonderful lovely story. I have not enough good words... Love it!

Author's Response: Sorry for ending it. ;) But I\'m glad the ride was good for you! It was an experience to write, fun and a little painful at times. Everyone\'s kind words have made it well worthwhile.

2006.10.07 - 09:49AM
5: Chapter 5

Heh I think I'm like Maureen (Membio) I save this till I can sit down and read it properly - no dog to take out - no work to do - just my feet up with a good Cuppa.

Jack is wonderful - the images you give - LOL - just bet I wanted to join Gwen to rub that smut smudge off his face. I also liked the way he took command of fixing things even if he was under supervision.

Backup is arriving and hope Jack can fix things before all goes to hell.

Chucking you a jelly baby - you deserve a bag!

Author's Response: *grin* Jack\'s just so cute. You want to take him in, baby and cuddle him...and then shag him rotten. *wink* No doubt he\'s played more than one mark just like that. Thank you for reading!

2006.10.07 - 08:28AM
5: Chapter 5

AH! How exciting! You left it at a bit of a cliffie! The troops arrive! I love how the translator works, sort of works. That is more realistic than having complete communication. Jack is magnificent isnt he? *:sigh:* I Hope you update soon :)

2006.10.06 - 02:35PM
5: Chapter 5

I'm still here.. been wondering when the next chapter would come out... I have not read five yet... I will review again once I've read it! I'm saving it for later... I'm still at work right now :(

2006.09.30 - 10:11AM
4: Chapter 4

What a nice Saturday morning treat! My morning tea reading. I really liked the detail of Gwen and the translator device translating the Welsh and the galactic standard that Jack had spoken. That was a very nice bit and adds layers to her private investigation of Jack. Wonderful!

Author's Response: Glad to make your Saturday morning! Thanks for letting me know you\'re still with me!

2006.09.30 - 08:42AM
4: Chapter 4

Exciting chapter and the tension was really running high there for a moment. Wonder if the translator will fluff up a few moretimes LOL Thanks again for brining Jack back to us and October is nearly here woohoo!

Author's Response: Thank you for sticking with me!

2006.09.25 - 10:31PM
1: Chapter 1

I lie, I raced through your story, and I love it. I want more. Jack is just so utterly sure of himself! It makes me crazy. What a guy to have with you in a tough spot, especially with aliens! Gwen is tough! I hope they get that translator thingy working.

Author's Response: Thanks! And, I ask, who wouldn\'t want Jack around? ;)

2006.09.25 - 07:25PM
3: Chapter 3

HA! I'm the first to see your story! And I'm going to make it last all night... must be the inherent masochist in me. So glad it's posted.

Author's Response: And first to review anywhere! *grin*

2006.09.21 - 08:50PM
2: Chapter 2

For some reason I prefer to print this story, and read it bit by bit as though torturing myself... Read a few pages, water the garden, rush back and read some more... make hummingbird nectar, and think about the implications of all of Jack's little slips. Allow myself a few more pages while sitting in the garden. Wonder at the aliens and try to figure out if they are hostile or not... Absolutely wonderful and we can only be so lucky that the real show holds up as well. I am hanging by my finger nails, please update! But if you extend my torment a little bit I will forgive you.

Author's Response: Apparently I\'m a master sadist without really trying. ;) I\'m really glad you enjoy it! My first real plotted solo fic, and I was really worried about it. Thanks for reassuring me!

2006.09.21 - 07:08AM
2: Chapter 2

Thoroughly enjoying your take on "Torchwood". Your development of Gwens character is very believable . Hope it works out that she is something similar once the series is up and running.

Jack is as delightful as always and I like how he trusted Gwen and parted some background information to her. They seem like a good team easily delegating work without too much grousing. Wonder if Gwen will take Jacks advice and call in the backup? Think she has a good strength of character that she will make that decision if needs must. Another exciting chapter thanks.

Author's Response: Once again, thank you for all the kind words. And thanks for the comments!

2006.09.20 - 08:03PM
1: Chapter 1

I'm absolutely rubbish at picking out my favorite parts, I cannot criticize a perfect story! X3 So far I love it to death. If the real Torchwood episodes are like this, then it'll be another one of those things that cause me to lurk around on air days waiting for someone to post some sort of spoiler about it just so I can frazzle and foam at the mouth giddily.

Author's Response: High praise, indeed! Thank you for reading.

2006.09.19 - 02:56PM
1: Chapter 1

Yes, Yes! I did finish your Chapter was/is wonderful! I gave the print out to my guy so he could read it. I only pass on the good ones. He likes the Captain Jack humor. I am here looking for chapter two... soon? Sooner than October!!!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks. Glad your guy liked it too. Next chapter definitely before October--next day or so!

2006.09.17 - 12:52PM
1: Chapter 1

I admit I am only half way through the story-- I printed it to take to the Cafe and have my mocha and a sunny read. I am saving the second half for later because it is so good and I love the anticipation... silly eh? I love your Torchwood- great characters and great banter between Jack and Gwen. (esp. about Gwen's boyfriend- fun and cute) I hope the show is as good! Hopefully with RTD at the helm they quality will be good. Your story will stand up well no matter what the season brings!

Author's Response: *grin* I had to laugh when you said you were saving the second half, dolling my fic out like it was special treat. Wow, that\'s an ego-stroke. I\'m simply happy that I can make others happy with it. Thanks for brightening my Sunday!

2006.09.17 - 09:23AM
1: Chapter 1

Wonderful descriptions that held my attention from start to finish. Great dialogue between the characters that made the whole thing very believable. I too am looking forward to the new Torchwood series on the Beeb. Looking forward to the next exciting instalment of this story.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I\'m on the edge of my seat waiting for the new TW series too. October just can\'t get here soon enough.