Reviews For Voices Within Her

2007.03.04 - 10:16AM
20: Puzzle Pieces

Oh god, I can't believe that I had missed out on so many chappies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that meant I just had plenty to read now then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quite gripping actually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Wow... erm... thanks for the comment

Zen Clarke
2007.03.03 - 05:39PM
20: Puzzle Pieces

*grins* Brilliant. *referring to FireStorm's last review* Oooo! Can I come too!!! I LOVE chocolate! *cackles for unknown reason* Anyway, awe. They fixed the cup! Hee hee! Yays!

Author's Response: Yep, that cup was really special! Thanks for the review, I\'ll see if I can muster up some tickets to my chocolate planet for you and FireStorm!

2007.03.03 - 03:47PM
20: Puzzle Pieces

its so sad its the end of this brilliant story but it really was fantastic and the ending was realy good! looking forward to more stories from you in the future! =)

Author's Response: Awww, gee thank you *blushes* I do have another story planned, called \"Broken Hallelujah\"

2007.03.03 - 03:43PM
20: Puzzle Pieces

I don't know whether to be happy about the fluffy ending or sad about the fact that it was the ending. Anyway, I have really enjoyed reading this, thanks for writing it!
Oh, and I love the name of the chocolate planet ;) >wants to go there

Author's Response: hehe did you solve the little puzzle? I\'m really glad you like it! Thanks for the review!

2007.03.03 - 03:05PM
20: Puzzle Pieces

Last chapter *crys*. Great ending to a great story, are you going to do a sequel to this? Please?

Author's Response: Sorry, no sequel in the pipeline. There is another story I\'ve got planned, though. I\'m so glad you like it but don\'t cry on my account!

2007.02.24 - 02:00PM
19: A Hand To Hold

I agree with Fire Storm and Zen Clarke, a fic doesnt need smut 2 make it gd, this fic does it all on its own! lol
really enjoying it and hoping for an update soon! =)

Author's Response: Awww, gee thanks. I was worried about this fic from the start because its so dark and emotional. I\'m really glad someone loves it. Thanks for reviewing!

2007.02.24 - 01:34PM
19: A Hand To Hold

Awww, how cute is that? I love this fic so much :D

Author's Response: *G* aww, thank you :P I\'ll update soon!

2007.02.24 - 01:31PM
19: A Hand To Hold

I agree with Zen Clarke about the smut. I don't really like to read stories with that in it, which is a shame, cause this is a good story. Also, there a CHOCOLATE PLANET?!? Out of my way!!!!! *runs off into the distance*

Author's Response: LMAO! It\'s my invention, and admission is free! As for the smut, I\'ve decided against it at the request of you reviewers. Thanks for commenting!

Zen Clarke
2007.02.24 - 12:36PM
1: Unanswered Questions

:D Yeah, I liked it! Thanks. I don't mind if ya do a seperate book with it, but I'd just really prefer to continue reading this one. ;P

Author's Response: That\'s a relief *sighs* I thought you didn\'t like it lol :D

Zen Clarke
2007.02.24 - 12:20PM
19: A Hand To Hold

My own opinion, but, please don't do smut. Usually, that makes it go up in ratings, and I don't read anything above PG-13. Call me a weirdo if you must, but I really would like to continue reading this book, so please, don't make me not able to read it. *sighs* My own personal opinion, but still. You asked. Anyway, update soon please.

Author's Response: Okies lol, no smut in this book then! I might do a separate fic for it though. Depends what other people think. Did you like this chapter? You didn\'t say.

2007.01.27 - 04:35PM
18: Burnt Blood

Poor Rose!

Author's Response: I know. I\'m evil!!!!! Mwhahahahahaha!

Zen Clarke
2007.01.27 - 04:16PM
18: Burnt Blood

*jaw drops down to the core of the earth*

Author's Response: *picks Zen\'s jaw up again* sorry about that. I didn\'t mean to make you do that. Thanks for commenting

2007.01.27 - 04:13PM
18: Burnt Blood

excellent once again, poor Rose =(
cant wait for an update!!!

Author's Response: Me neither! I haven\'t written it yet!

2007.01.27 - 04:12PM
1: Unanswered Questions

>sobs< The angst! Oh, there'd better be a happy ending lurking in the back of your head somewhere. I need it!

Author's Response: There... one... there.... nope it\'s gone again :D I\'m not promising a thing! Thanks for the review!

2007.01.21 - 02:44PM
17: Cuts and Bruises

this story should be made into an episode, its amazing i can so see this happening!! excellent as always!

Author's Response: D\'you know something, in my head it is an episode (just one they never showed) Thanks for the brilliant review!