2012.05.19 - 02:30PM
4: 4: Down to Earth

Love this story! More please, it'd be cool if Rose became the new Doctor. :)

2011.08.16 - 07:04PM
4: 4: Down to Earth

Hi, loving all your stories so far, anychance of you carrying on with this one? It's quite different to a lot of other fanfic i've read and would like to see where it goes. Thanks. x

2008.09.19 - 09:02PM
4: 4: Down to Earth

hell yah! fantastic i love the new rose!!!! update soon i dyeing to see were this go's!!!!!!!!!

2008.09.17 - 09:47PM
4: 4: Down to Earth

Oh man, horrible place to leave a chapter. I love this story and I can't wait to see where you take it next. Please, please, please update soon!

2007.10.26 - 02:20PM
1: 1: Rose in Torchwood

Oh, this is brilliant!

I think this is the first story I've read where Rose regenerates, and her face actually changes, that always strikes me as strange when I see it (that she doesn't change beyond getting a tan and brown hair, I mean...).

Also, you are awesome for having a red TARDIS in your story, I always thought that the TARDIS in the alternate universe should be red.

2007.09.22 - 07:48PM
1: 1: Rose in Torchwood

Man, I love this story. I think it's going to be one of the ones that I come back and reread. I really wish that you'd update this, it has wonderful potential. Please update this soon!

2007.08.19 - 12:29AM
4: 4: Down to Earth

Doesn't look like we'll be seeing more of this story, which is a shame because it's certainly got me hooked. Rose's transformation was a really interesting read and I love the off-beat look of her new regeneration. I keep trying to imagine the Doctor's reaction to the entire affair, and where Rose goes from here. (Does she keep her name? Pick up a new one?) I guess my imagination will have to fill in the blanks after your building blocks!

Author's Response: I want to continue it someday. I\'ve just been going in lots of different directions recently.

2007.04.30 - 02:10AM
4: 4: Down to Earth

Add more, please? I'm hooked on your story :)

2007.03.02 - 08:20PM
4: 4: Down to Earth

I really like your story; I'm adding it to favourites so I know when you update - I hope her parents don't freak! I wish you could change Rose back to Rose though...you have 15 hours to do so.... Romana messed around with her appearance all the time - The Doctor just never learned how. :)


2007.01.05 - 01:43PM
4: 4: Down to Earth

Oh, rough! I'd gone into Rose-withdrawal and finally entered the world of Doctor Who fanfiction; I really didn't intend to get sucked in, but I found this story and now I'm in love! I hope you'll finish - it's really very interesting so far. I love that the Doctor/Tardis/Rose/energy in charge at the end of the chapter automatically directed itself to where trouble was brewing!

2006.12.13 - 04:34AM
4: 4: Down to Earth

Oh. Of course -- the Time Vortex has changed her, of course it made Rose more than human. This is lovely and a real possibility.

It's also great how you play Pete's anger and concern and tying it up with Jackie's thoughts. And, and of course Rose would appear before Mickey and Mickey mistaking Rose for the Doctor!

2006.09.24 - 09:15PM
4: 4: Down to Earth

this just gets better and better. I love the description of Rose's change and her understanding of the TARDIS being still. Lovely.

2006.09.16 - 05:52AM
4: 4: Down to Earth

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2006.09.15 - 10:28AM
1: 1: Rose in Torchwood

my review never got posted, wah.

This is gorgeous. I forgot it was you writing, only connected it up when we were talking. In fact I was very excited thinking there was a new chapter, but I'd already read this one and reviewed. Except the review wasn't there. So here it is:-) Chat with you soon?

2006.09.06 - 10:32PM
3: 3. Making Sudden Movements

This is fascinating. I loved the Jake and Mickey material, and Rose's conversation with the Doctor was handled well.