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stellastars2008.06.28 - 08:17AM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
Disturbing -- but so, so brilliant. Loved it.

Shady Naiad2008.04.13 - 12:00AM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
That was terribly unsettling. I'm impressed at how chilling so few words could be-you have a gift. The line about "vomiting stardust" is a great juxtaposition-stardust usually invokes wondrous beauty. And your fic is all the more disturbing with that last line-nothing like leaving that kind of horror to the imagination.

Willdew2007.11.27 - 06:51PM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
Immaculate conception by Tardis! Definitely a possibility. Because the Bad Wolf could make anything she want happen, and what do people in relationships often think about...?

rutsky2007.01.05 - 03:22PM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
This would have been a winner if it had *only* had the image of vomiting stardust, surely an image built to confound us, since stardust is wonderful and vomiting. It sparks cognitive dissonance of the first water. But the rest of this is equally finely crafted, just like an icon miniature. I'll add my voice to those asking that this be expanded. And I know your skills are such that you *could* do it, and do it well!

Angharad2006.08.23 - 02:10PM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
Oooooohhh, creepy. This just begs for further development.

Author's Response: Thank you. It\'s going to have to beg, as I don\'t think it\'s very develop-able, but I\'m glad you got the enjoyed the dark little speculation. Are you the Angharad from various MUSHes by any chance?

eve112006.08.23 - 09:58AM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
Oh, very cool, and creepy. Great job!

haraheart2006.08.23 - 07:43AM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
Oo er - my lip curled at the thought. But ... Hm ... creepy - that's the word. And one would assume Rose had been eating stardust in order to vomit it later? Does it pop on your tongue like rainbow dust?

Dead Red Roses2006.08.23 - 06:37AM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
*Raises Eyebrows* Nice.

Nox2006.08.23 - 05:43AM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
Beautiful, and perfect as a drabble--just a hint of something that could happen.

Paranoid Seat2006.08.23 - 05:20AM1: Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking CradleSigned
Ooh, this is effectively chilling for so few words... I'm reminded forcefully of the end of series one of Hex, might just be the foetus-of-doom thing. I really want to know what happens, if the world goes mad, but I think this works best as it is, on its own. It's very good, it'll definitely stick in my head for a long while.

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you -- that\'s exactly what I wanted it to be. I don\'t think I can follow it up, as I have no idea what would happen either, and I much prefer the moment of vertiginous wrongness over any unwieldy explanations.

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