Reviews For Lonely Angel

2006.12.30 - 09:58AM
1: After the Return

"Now, where were we? Oh yeah - Barcelona!"

Ah, and they never did get there, methink. More's the pity, hmmm?

Author's Response: It\'s like The Eye of Orion now: try and try and try to get there, and once you get there, WHOOMPH- the solar system implodes. XD

2006.11.06 - 10:38PM
1: After the Return

Aw, geez. Poor Doctor... *sniffs* I don't want him to be lonely, I love him very much. *squees* I would very much like to comfort him, and hug him. Anyway, exellent fic! ;D

Author's Response: thanks. read the Project Gallifrey stuff, its WAY better. lmao. /endselfadvertisement

2006.10.02 - 04:57AM
1: After the Return

That's really good. Personally, I was ready to gullet Reinette for even daring to presume to think the Doctor was available. But it is a very good idea that Rose cares more about the Doctor than she does about being jealous.

And I love this. Poor Doctor, and Rose emphathising and knowing just what to say.

Author's Response: Indeed indeed! But y\'know, if you look close enough, Rose never actually SAW them do anything. She couldn\'t see that KISS because she had swanned off with Mickey, she knew the Doctor had to do the mindreading thing so if she saw that through the mirror then she couldn\'t assume anything else was going on, and in the end when he wanted her to come along (bad thinking on the Doc\'s part) she should\'ve learned from Sarah Jane that the Doctor isn\'t hers alone. So she had no reason to be jealous, really.

2006.08.22 - 04:39AM
1: After the Return

Nicely done.

Author's Response: thanks!

2006.08.21 - 08:33PM
1: After the Return

This is very sweet. I love Rose's empathy for the Doctor's pain.

Author's Response: zomgsquee! *coughs and grins sheepishly* thanks! it occured to me that Rose shouldn\'t be jealous of the Doctor and Reinette. She never saw the kiss, or their conversation, and it was Mickey who pressed the idea of her being another girlfriend. So after Sarah-Jane, and speaking with Reinette, she should\'ve been pitiful of the Doctor\'s situation, not jealous as so many other fics say.

2006.08.21 - 08:23PM
1: After the Return

Awwwwwwwwwwww..... *All fuzzy inside* That was sweet and sad and cute and.... awwww. I wish they had gone to Barcelona, and if they had, I wish they'd shown it. I'd get a kick out of the dogs with no noses too! Waaah!
*Grins* Anyway, you really captured them, and I enjoyed it a lot. *Smiles*

Author's Response: ^^ Thanks. I\'m glad so many people liked it.