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falconwing2015.11.26 - 01:35AM1: Chapter 1Signed
What a treasure. I guess you are going to leave the Doctor hanging: 9 years and you haven't come back to finish this most excellent series. :(

dree2007.09.26 - 07:17PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I want more too! Even if it is ages later!

Neko2007.03.30 - 01:46PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is very good and very well-written.
Please, I add my voice to the chorus for more!

nocturnias2007.01.07 - 08:47PM1: Chapter 1Signed
When I said pretty please write another, did I happen to mention with sugar on top? :-) It's so good to see other 4/SJ writers!

Rainflower2006.12.02 - 02:40AM1: Chapter 1Signed
"...Oh, no you don't! Doctor, get back here and finish the job properly!" ;>)

I SO enjoyed this! #4 rarely gets a chance to have any real fun! Thanks so much for writing this!

Theta2006.11.10 - 08:41PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Please let there be more to this! It seems unfinished, with a dream like sequence, neither truly admitting to the other this is what they want!! PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!!

Lady Who2006.11.07 - 05:18PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh dear heavens above... PLEASE write another part to this. This series is driving me insane (in a good way). I want more--NO, I NEED more!

amberite2006.08.19 - 11:56PM1: Chapter 1Signed
*makes incoherent happy noises*

Minion2006.08.18 - 04:01PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I can just picture the robot chasing Sarah all over the place, trying to get her head. She has had very bad luck with robots, hasn't she? And the Doctor, all worried when he finds her and needing to make sure she's still in one piece. Only their relationship's still a mess. Will it get better or even worse with the next installment in this series? Hmmm.

wildcard2006.08.18 - 02:36PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Nice story - thanks.

Author's Response: You\'re very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

wildcard2006.08.18 - 02:36PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Nice story - thanks.

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