2015.02.16 - 04:15AM
5: Dr Caligarian's Concoction

I love the reference to 'The cabinet of dr.Caligari' I love that silent classic :D

2015.02.16 - 04:06AM
8: Remember the Future

I really love this Eight. He's perfect! Cheeky, funny with just the right amount of absent minded- ness. And I really love the plot, but I especially love the dialogue. And the nice little things like "You can't do that with a sonic screwdriver!" Keep up the excellent writing :D

2008.10.13 - 05:02PM
2: Of Bathtubs and Customs

I love alt!Eight's general flusteredness. Love the whole way this is shaping up, but Eight's attitude is priceless.

2008.09.09 - 04:09AM
8: Remember the Future

I love good alt!Doctor stories, and this more than qualifies. Nice zippy plot with good use of science (clearly you're not an actual writer on the show!), excellent dialog and characterizations, an lots of fun! Also, the Master asking Rose to call him Tim made me think of Monty Python & the Holy Grail, which is always a good thing.

2008.09.05 - 12:59PM
1: The Wrong Eyes in the Wrong Face

This is very well-written and extremely enjoyable - I like your characterisation of Eight and Rose, and I'm always a sucker for Romana, but what I loved most of all was your cackling, megalomaniacal Ainley-esque Master - he was brilliant! That and the bit with the sonic screwdriver. Excellent work.

2008.04.02 - 01:09PM
8: Remember the Future

Your explanations are really great, and I love the wee nod towards Eight's sense of 'occaisional clairvoyence'. Thanks, Jamie.

2008.04.02 - 01:06PM
7: Parallel Pressure

Loved your Master action!

2008.04.01 - 01:26PM
6: Timethesra'am

Ah, no!!

2008.04.01 - 01:23PM
5: Dr Caligarian's Concoction

Love your idea of the 'makeshift' hospital lab, and the bloodwork. Really great!

2008.04.01 - 01:18PM
4: The Master

In the words of the Doctor, "stupid, stupid Doctor" lol. Trusting the Master... This story is great!

2008.04.01 - 01:12PM
3: Not My Doctor

The story is going on at a great pace. Really intriguing. Still not convinced of the Doctor's voice. I've never heard Eight say "I say", but I'm gonna let it go on account of him being parallel. :D

2008.04.01 - 01:08PM
2: Of Bathtubs and Customs

Eight seems to be channeling Lord Byron more than in just his fashion sense, but I absolutely love the marlarkey with customs heheehhe. Oooo the Master?!

2008.03.31 - 01:26PM
1: The Wrong Eyes in the Wrong Face

I nice start, and I love the idea of Eight and Rose. Your Eight seemed quite formal, but maybe he was just a little in shock lol. Looking forward to reading the rest.

2007.02.01 - 04:16PM
8: Remember the Future

Wonderful! I loved it!

2007.02.01 - 04:13PM
7: Parallel Pressure

You have the Master pegged, he can't stop talking long enough to kill the Doctor.