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Reviews For Survivor's Guilt

Eyrion2014.02.02 - 11:17PM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
Entirely perfect in its anguished, beautiful words. It breaks me a little everytime I read it - how much the doctor suffers, how much he hides, his seeming daftness is because he spends so much time shoving away every other thought. And then, at the end, that tiny spark of hope for both of them; the hope that everything will be okay eventually, and Jack's knowledge that he helped with that. It's like every perfect human story all rolled up into one - suffering, paying a price, more suffering, breaking down (because it's inevitable), and then someone catches you - and that gives you that spark of hope.

Thank you. Somehow this always gives me hope, too.

mericat2011.06.04 - 07:29PM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
Jack's love is so true. Both lovers give so much, Jack so intuitive and willing to help the Doctor. The Doctor so true to his principles. Loved that you were willing to go into the Darkness with them...

tweedymcgee2010.12.29 - 01:04PM1: 1: CatalystSigned
This is astounding. Nine so clearly needs this, and Jack is so clearly the man for the job.

"Atlas taking a coffee break" -- one of the best descriptors I've ever read of what it means to really do hard BDSM, and what a deep act of love it is to do it right.

I love your stories. Am working my way through the rest of them. Thanks for this.

FuntimeVash2010.10.22 - 05:17PM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
This is absolutely incredible! Haunting, terrifying, poetic, yet somehow very truthful and in character for the Ninth. This is just... Wow! A real work of art, and I love it!

Quean of Swords2010.10.20 - 06:12PM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
Wow. That was unlike any other Ninth Doctor fic I've read, but in a good way. Very intense.

azn_jack_fiend2010.10.20 - 04:00PM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
OMG SO INTENSE. I wish I could say more but I'm still catching my breath. Fantastic.

Morgause2010.09.14 - 06:27PM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
This is one of the weirdest things I've ever read. Absolutely magnificent.

perception_filter2009.11.17 - 11:29AM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
That was fucking brilliant - harsh and loving and nasty and hot. No idea how you managed all that in one go, but you did. Good work x

gwynhefar2009.06.01 - 01:35AM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
Holy crap.

Wow. That was incredible, brilliant, amazing.

It dragged me in, and it *hurt* to see them like that, but it was, well, cathartic too.

gwynhefar2009.06.01 - 01:19AM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
Holy crap.

Wow. That was incredible, brilliant, amazing.

It dragged me in, and it *hurt* to see them like that, but it was, well, cathartic too.

Canaan2009.05.16 - 05:32PM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
This is the most breathtaking look at the ninth Doctor I've read to date. I was so blown away when I read it that I couldn't come up with the words to say so. It made me feel sick and exhillarated and I couldn't look away. Now I've read it a half a dozen times, and the degree to which you know the characters still manages to shock me every time.

I'm also really struck by the way you managed to put Jack on the bottom by putting him on top.

Horrorpops2009.03.20 - 10:56PM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
My goodness - that was kind of indescribable...

Haunting, terrible, shocking... painful - in it's way... And just amazing. This entire story is so far removed from the mundanity of the fanfiction genre, all I can say is that it was an incredibly intense, very real, story. It has this veracity which is generally ignored in writing, almost transcendant, really.

Utter absorbing.
Definately a favourite :)


ginger_rude2008.06.21 - 02:59PM1: 1: CatalystSigned
I'm glad I'm re-reading this; so much great stuff I hadn't remembered. Jack's odd little dream about the seafood, for instance. The emphasis on the difference between 21st century humans and 51st century ones as well as the alienness of both wrt Time Lords.

and that "squick and squee" essay is, well, fantastic. love TNH.

Ligia Elena2008.06.08 - 04:41PM3: 3: CatharsisSigned
This was intense and emotionally wrenching and amazing. Excellent work.

schildkroet2007.07.12 - 02:05PM1: 1: CatalystSigned
This was one of the first DW fanfics I ever read, when I was new to the fandom, and it's still one of my favourites.
The way you described Jack's inner conflict seemed so real. I can actually see this happening.

Author's Response: Ghee! Thank you. :-)

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