Reviews For Slipping

2015.02.24 - 12:06PM
1: Slipping

Wow. Fantastically alien!

2011.05.04 - 01:06PM
1: Slipping


That is all. ;)

2008.11.21 - 04:06AM
1: Slipping

Okay, this was...fantastic. I barely understood any of it, but enough to see that it was *alien* and totally something the Doctor would want, to literally lose himself inside his partner. I applaud your ability with the written word. *favs*

2007.12.11 - 08:06PM
1: Slipping

Also? Just because it's me and I'm needy this way, I'd love to know that they kept doing this, that they got better at it, that the Doctor started getting the "real thing" regularly and what it meant to him to have someone who would go there with him, when he probably expected it would never happen again. In other words, as always, I'd adore, basically... a sequel. ::sheepish grin:: Or let's call it, more exploration of this. Because as you said, fanon is painfully slim on smutty stories wherein the Doctor is actually, palpably, an alien. (That's exactly what I was searching for when I found this story!)

Okay, enough nagging. Thanks again!

2007.12.11 - 03:24PM
1: Slipping

Guh. Guhdiddy guh guh guh GUH.

HelplessWithNeedForConnection!Doctor makes me very very happy indeed.

2007.06.17 - 09:15PM
1: Slipping

they say it's mostly mental - must be so! This is the first time I've accidentally clicked on an adult story and been Glad!

Author's Response: High praise! Thank you.

2007.01.19 - 08:20PM
1: Slipping

This is one of my favorite "alien" stories ever! Love they way you write 9 about to break and Rose being scared but doing it anyway. I really think that's what she would do.

2006.09.22 - 10:31PM
1: Slipping

Bloody fantastic. Now that's alien sex!

2006.08.14 - 12:49AM
1: Slipping

These type stories have to be my favorite because, we, as an audience no nothing about the Doctor's sexuality and I love to read the opinion of how he works. I love this!

2006.08.09 - 06:09PM
1: Slipping

IMO, nothing smutty about it. It was beautiful!

2006.08.02 - 02:18PM
1: Slipping

It's nice to see an alien smut/sex story that incorporates an alien physical element in addition to the mental component.

2006.07.26 - 07:39PM
1: Slipping

This was fun and I loved Rose's reaction to it and her reading of the Doctor. The kind of enhanced experience you should get with an alien.

2006.07.25 - 01:23PM
1: Slipping

ooh thats...intreging! I do, as well, like it better than the smut somehow...completley bizzare! i love it!

2006.07.24 - 06:16PM
1: Slipping

Very nice! And only a bit smutty. Unless you're an alien, in which case it's probably extremely smutty. Let's just say I'm only just alien enough to find it, um, very nice. Ooops I said that before didn't I.

Matter of fact I like it better than smut. So there.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the kind word! Cool!