Reviews For A Future Unseen

2008.10.17 - 09:59PM
10: Explanations for the story


2007.10.07 - 02:00AM
9: Home

He's entitled. Really mean of them though, 'destiny' or no.

2007.10.07 - 01:46AM
5: Memories and Things Forgotten

Wow. Very dramatic and I LOVE IT! What an idea.

2007.10.07 - 01:40AM
4: Secrets kept no more

I like how you think. He was always different/better than the rest. Very nice.

2007.10.07 - 01:20AM
3: Could it be?

He had a lot of birthday presents on back order. ^_^

2007.10.07 - 01:18AM
2: So It Begins

I like how the TARDIS thinks!

2007.10.07 - 01:17AM
1: Prelude : It Ends


2006.08.01 - 05:03AM
9: Home

I'm still chuckling at theDoctors oral habits. He licked the TARDIS then Rose - LOL Where next for that tongue? The Doctors reaction on meeting his parents - heh heh! Wonder how he will feel when he wakes up? This was a hillarious chapter - thanks.

2006.07.28 - 03:26AM
8: Chapter 8

Just popping in to review after Id caught up with this story. This is heating up nicely. The Doctor manipulating the controls while just wearing a towel made me chuckle. Looking forward to see what lies outside the TARDIS.

2006.07.26 - 09:48PM
1: Prelude : It Ends

i love this story cant wait for the next chapter!!! write chapter 8 soon or i my have to come after you!!(now were did i leave the rope for the noos?)

Author's Response: Um..that was my intention...this isnt over by half glad you liked it so far

2006.07.22 - 02:41AM
1: Prelude : It Ends

I loved that last chapter!!!! Please, continue, I am seriously enjoying this story and it is getting very good. I love all of this Lords of Time instead of Time Lords, I thought that really well done.

Author's Response: glad you like it.....sorry for being a bit slack with the next chapter...had no computer access this weekend

2006.07.21 - 04:24AM
5: Memories and Things Forgotten

Eagerly awaiting to hear more about this Lord and Lady of Time. Nice fresh approach and so looking forward to learning more. Hope the Doctor recovers from the shocks but sure Rose will make him feel better Grin!

Author's Response: the way this is going i might have to write a complete history on the \"Children of time\".....glad you like it

2006.07.21 - 04:09AM
1: Prelude : It Ends

I love people picking up after Doomsday and running with it! Lovely romantic tone to it, looking forward to more!

Author's Response: yours today, quite lovely...cant wait for the next bit

2006.07.20 - 10:56AM
4: Secrets kept no more

oooooo... more more more!!

Author's Response: glad you like it so far.....more install...more little twists and things and hidden meanings to be revealled

2006.07.20 - 05:46AM
4: Secrets kept no more

This is turning out to be very marvellous indeed!!!!! Please, please, please continue!!!!!!

Author's Response: put a little more up today hope you like it as much as the rest