Reviews For Raston

2007.01.06 - 09:30AM
1: Episode 7

I agree, best so far, love the classic monster. Didn't they shoot lance thingies though? not lasers? Cause I remember being really confused about where they were hiding them in their skin tight suits. I loved the Bambi quote as well, it made me laugh, but I'm not sure it works with this Doctor, quoting random movies is more of a 10 thing, other than that his charact is perfect. Love the hair drier joke and the explaination for why the US gets more UFO sightings.

Author's Response: Why thank you and thanks for the review again =p I\'ll bear the quoting thing in mind for the future, thanks And i decided to use lasers cos i too remember thinking \"where do they hide the lance things?!\" I couldnt think of an explanation so I turned them into lasers =p