Reviews For Just Killing Time

2007.01.05 - 12:29PM
1: Episode 6

Quick crit: Viola explain what the Mechronoughts are twice *** Loved it, convienent happenings and all. Best bit was when The Doc kept calling her Violet, kind of like Ricky lol is it the Master who made the robots? Come on, it is isn't it? =) You know it's strange, but your 11 reminds me so much of that guy in the BBC webcast what was it? Scream of the something...

Author's Response: Hehe You\'re gonna have to wait till the series 3 finale to find out who made the Mechronoughts oooooooh I\'m evil! =p But at the rate I\'m goin that\'ll probably not be that long lol Thanks for the headsup on the description thing lol And as always, thanks for the review