Reviews For Bounty

2006.10.03 - 12:58PM
1: Episode 3

I do think your stories have some good lines and the writing is fun. I do have problems reading them on screen, some more white space would make it much easier. To gain more readership I would also recommend using the chapter feature. I can commit to reading a few pages at a time but when it is a really long story -- well I dont get started sometimes... it also makes it harder to printout when you dont us "Chapters"... there is no printable version if it is a one chapter story. You can just cut and paste a few chapters in without removing the whole story... do I make any sense at all? Cheers! I like your 11th Doctor :) Rude and not ginger again. :)

Author's Response: Thanks mate, yeah you do make sense lol. I\'ll bare it in mind for when i start series 2 which will have a slightyl different look anyway so thatd be the most logical point to `chapter it` lol Thanks anyway its much appreciated Hope you enjoy the rest of series 1