2006.07.22 - 08:39PM
12: Chapter 12

"Well, go on then, don't keep me in suspense. Tell me."

Augh! You're enjoying this, aren't you? Dammit, I'm allergic to suspense.

2006.07.21 - 11:50AM
11: Chapter 11

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2006.07.20 - 03:14PM
10: Chapter 10

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2006.07.20 - 11:57AM
10: Chapter 10

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2006.07.19 - 01:46PM
9: Chapter 9

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2006.07.19 - 10:25AM
9: Chapter 9

This series continues to amaze. Great plot, and also wonderful characterization and emotion too.

2006.07.18 - 05:06PM
8: Chapter 8

It's me again. I just can't resist commenting, there is so much coolness going on in this chapter. Note to self: don't try to match pain with the Doctor. Also: 'Is he a nice man?' 'Er, no.' *giggle*

2006.07.17 - 01:26PM
7: Chapter 7

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2006.07.17 - 01:21PM
6: Chapter 6

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2006.07.17 - 01:00PM
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2006.07.16 - 10:51AM
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Great story so far

2006.07.16 - 09:34AM
6: Chapter 6

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2006.07.14 - 12:21PM
4: Chapter 4

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2006.07.14 - 11:12AM
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2006.07.13 - 03:06PM
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