2010.10.20 - 03:15PM
1: Chapter 1

this one may have been my favourite so far. It's, strictly speaking, absolutely amazing. I love the suspense I love the way the plot unfolds bit by precarious bit until we end up worrying horribly over everyone as nobody is safe any longer. brilliant, well done

Author's Response: Just wanted to say thanks, and also to congratulate you on your stamina. 5 stories in 3 days. Respect!

2006.07.31 - 09:11AM
19: Chapter 19

What a wonderful ending. So sad; I really liked Jasmine a lot, and felt her loss at the end of part 4 pretty strongly. Props to you too, for making such a brilliant companion, giving her a great history and a great relationship with the Doctor, and not being afraid of ending her story sadly either, with such a shocking and senseless death.

I suppose I'll always have the feeling she ought to be here, with me.

Isn't that always the way it feels. The end of this story hit just the right note, and yeah, okay, set me teary in the middle of the public library. Fantastic series. I'm sorry to see the end of it, but so glad I found it.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, Eve, and thanks for your kind words. So long.

2006.07.29 - 06:32PM
19: Chapter 19

*sniff* That was a lovely ending and I'm sorry it's all over. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for sticking with me, Lilac. I\'ll keep my eyes open for your own next story.

2006.07.28 - 06:11PM
18: Chapter 18

You had such a nice pace going that I forgot to anticipate their vampireness would wear off at the crucial moment. :) It was a nice surprise.

2006.07.27 - 10:28AM
17: Chapter 17

Well that was a satisfying chapter-- though I think the Master is enjoying it just a wee bit too much.

2006.07.26 - 12:35PM
16: Chapter 16

The Doctor is great, and that daft old fool has gone and gotten them back into a muddle again.

2006.07.26 - 10:27AM
16: Chapter 16

Oh, the plans can never go according to plan, can they? Grah, I'm really not liking Carstairs the idiot at the moment. But, as usual, I am loving your narrative style and character voices. Keep it coming!

2006.07.25 - 01:49PM
15: Chapter 15

Keep those chapters coming. Your Master is hilarious.

2006.07.24 - 12:29PM
14: Chapter 14

Oh bugger what is wrong with the old codger? Anyhow breakfast sounds good... then again so does sleep. Nice chapter!

2006.07.23 - 12:07PM
13: Chapter 13

The Master tries to cheer up the Doctor. That's downright scary.

2006.07.23 - 10:11AM
13: Chapter 13

Wonderful stuff. I love the grasp you have of REG!Nine and Jacobi!Master and Alison, and the relationships between the three. I love the pacing and the lovely intermingling of character stuff with plot.

2006.07.23 - 09:44AM
13: Chapter 13

Ah! way back when~ good good-- but why... Looking forward to more. Who exactly was he all depressed about? hmmm!

Author's Response: Ah, for the answer to that, Membio, you need to check out the preceding story, The End of the World!

2006.07.23 - 09:37AM
12: Chapter 12

Yeah- I want to hear this too... you see there is some time gap... how did the Master cause it before they turned up? Some TARDIS paradox loop?

2006.07.23 - 09:31AM
11: Chapter 11

But keep your friends close and your enemies closer-- didn't you already say that? Oh I do hope Jenny recovers- she isnít some were-beastie now is she? Nice interaction between Doctor and companion.

2006.07.22 - 08:54PM
10: Chapter 10

Egad! an' I liked Jenny. Oh well. Never-- and I mean NEVER-- underestimate the Master!