2018.07.05 - 11:34PM
3: Chapter Two

Hey, just wandering back through some of my old favorites.

Hit this line: “Rose wanted to argue that it wasn’t her first day, but maybe that was the wrong way to think about this. About everything. This was starting over. Even if the people around her were familiar, they were different, too.“

And it hit me: For Rose it’s essentially a reverse regeneration situation. They look the same, but inside they’re actually not the same people at all.

Poor Rose: First a standard regeneration (with no warning), then loss, and then a reversed regeneration. It’s a wonder she’s doing as well as she is! :-)

2006.07.16 - 02:45PM
3: Chapter Two

This is full of so much possiblity and it's off to a grand start. So much fun to read. How careful Rose has to be about what she says and doesn't say and about her heart. If she falls for this one, will she be betraying the other? I wonder if this TARDIS has her room ready for her, just the same?

2006.07.14 - 07:58AM
3: Chapter Two

Oh, I am so *loving* this story. I hope there's more soon. 8)

2006.07.13 - 08:08PM
3: Chapter Two

I enjoy so much the idea that we know these guys at least superficially but anything could happen with them. It's like canon AND AU. It's like chocolate AND peanut butter! Yum!

Author's Response: *cackles* Oh, that\'s cute. Chocolate and peanut butter. I\'m glad you\'re liking it.