2018.07.05 - 11:34PM
3: Chapter Two

Hey, just wandering back through some of my old favorites.

Hit this line: “Rose wanted to argue that it wasn’t her first day, but maybe that was the wrong way to think about this. About everything. This was starting over. Even if the people around her were familiar, they were different, too.“

And it hit me: For Rose it’s essentially a reverse regeneration situation. They look the same, but inside they’re actually not the same people at all.

Poor Rose: First a standard regeneration (with no warning), then loss, and then a reversed regeneration. It’s a wonder she’s doing as well as she is! :-)

2012.08.05 - 08:15AM
13: Chapter Twelve

Great story, I'd love to read more. It's hard to find good alt!Doctor/alt!Jack/Rose fics and this one is phenomenal.

2010.12.31 - 12:33AM
1: Prologue

Wonderful, fantastic, brilliant story! Can't wait for it to be updated!

2009.04.17 - 08:47AM
9: Chapter Eight

yup rose's actions are how i thought they would go. that being with an alternate them would be too hard eventually and she's want to go back home.

2009.04.17 - 08:21AM
8: Chapter Seven

being all day in the sun in stocks on your knees in knickers- wouldnt it be a horrible idea to hop up on the medical table. surely her legs would also be burned-probably not as bad as her back but they would-and movements would definately be restricted.

2009.02.11 - 05:36AM
1: Prologue

Naww, this story is endlessly sweet. THe poor Doc'll be left out til it's updated, though.

Thankyou for sharing

2008.10.31 - 02:26PM
13: Chapter Twelve

Wow, I've read your stuff on TTH, and now I find you in my newest fandom! Yay! Also, that was some really hot, sweet sex between Rose and Jack. I hope your muse comes back from vacation so you can write some for all three of them!

2008.06.11 - 03:00PM
13: Chapter Twelve

Please, udate this story I just re-read it and think it's brilliant. I'd like to see where this goes.

2008.06.07 - 02:18AM
13: Chapter Twelve

OMG it's been a YEAR and no update! Oh please please please please please can you prettttttttty please update this?

It was getting really good!

2007.12.23 - 03:17AM
13: Chapter Twelve

I know lots of us have been asking for an update, and I completely understand RL taking you away for a bit, but if you do feel any inspiration again, we are still waiting hopefully. :)

2007.10.07 - 10:05PM
13: Chapter Twelve

This is such an incredibly good story, I do hope you come back to it and pick it up again. It would be a shame to never see how it turns out.

2007.09.03 - 01:30PM
13: Chapter Twelve

I'm new here and this is the first story I've read. I love it and I can't way for the whole Jack/Rose/Doctor pairing. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more soon.

2007.08.25 - 12:04PM
13: Chapter Twelve

Oh god, its my own fault for clicking something not completed, but I've been wandering around in the Buffy/Doctor Who fandom long enough to know if it has your name attached, its probably going to be good. Which it is. Any chance of an update soon?

2007.07.24 - 12:03AM
1: Prologue

Love it, love it, love it! Finish it, finish it, finish it!!

2007.07.17 - 02:58PM
13: Chapter Twelve

I have really enjoyed this whole story, it's a new take on the AU reunion. I loved the line, "Here and now or there and then..." Sounds like that alone could inspire fic!
It's been three months...can you come back to it...please?