Reviews For Readers

2003.11.25 - 03:27AM
1: One

I really like the insight into Tegan's character. A very sweet, enjoyable story.

2003.11.12 - 02:21AM
1: One

I loved this. Really great story. Thank you for sharing. :)

2003.11.11 - 06:19PM
1: One

i have a hard time picturing a vast library (especially because I am sitting in a very small one right now), but did they ever show the TARDIS library on TV? I think they should do that in the new show. oh, yes, good story.

2003.11.11 - 05:56PM
1: One

I loved this one...but I think that's no surprise. Thanks for sharing!

2003.11.11 - 02:26PM
1: One

That was sweet. Do we know from continuity what the book is, or is it not important?

Author's Response: Not as far as I'm aware, though it's entirely possible he's mentioned it, but no, the name's not important.