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SilvaGirl2009.05.31 - 08:10PM1: WithoutSigned
Now *this* is what DW smut should be like! I have trouble believing it when the Doctor's willing to put out, but this is the exact opposite. He wouldn't want it, so she grabs it instead. Lovely!

nastally2007.03.05 - 02:51PM1: WithoutSigned
I think I saw these somewhere else, can't remember if I commented, so I might as well comment again. I love all three of them! Smut, sure, but so well-written it's completely believable! Beautiful.

spastasmagoria2006.12.26 - 04:33AM1: WithoutSigned
yeeps! lol

amberite2006.09.09 - 06:48AM1: WithoutSigned
Sweet and treacherous. I seem to remember telling you on Livejournal how much I liked these. I might as well tell you again. Gahh there needs to be more Four/Sarah Jane porn!

wildcard2006.08.08 - 08:12AM1: WithoutSigned
Nicely written. Great to see Doctor geting some action with SJ

Author's Response: Thanks.

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