Reviews For Hey Now Hey Now

2017.05.20 - 01:37AM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

Wow. This is a lovely look at Rose and her courage and deals gently and beautifully with how hard it can be to end things, no matter how true "everything has its time and everything dies" is. I love the melancholy and Rose's slow realization that she is, perhaps, growing past the Doctor. I'm dealing with a period of change in my life right now and this story helped remind me that change happens and it's achingly sad but also necessary. Thank you.

2012.10.23 - 12:27AM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

I am about six years late to the party, but this is beautiful and mature and gets the voices just right. Really lovely and bittersweet.

2009.11.20 - 05:01PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

oh, good... I just accidently clicked the submit button, somehow. So I don't come off looking like a huge moron who submitted a blank review. Anyway. This was incredibly beautiful, if somewhat depressing. I think I need to find some crackfic now, but still... it was very nice.

2009.11.10 - 10:15PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

I absolutely loved this. I'll admit to not being a huge Rose fan--but you gave her a depth and maturity that I wish the writers had realized. Keep up the fantastic work!

2009.11.07 - 08:54PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

Years too late, but I wanted to tell you how much I like this story, and how much I adore a young and forcibly matured Rose Tyler. This has just been favorited.

As I said, years too late.

2009.11.04 - 08:53PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

Beautiful. Beautiful in the way a nightmare can be beautiful in retrospect. Weird, chilling, and a little scary. Definitely a good read, but it make me want to go read something cuddly before bedtime. The perfect combination!!! Bravo!!!

2009.11.03 - 04:14AM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

I've only just read this, and I'm blown away. It's just brilliant, and I think it'll stay with me for a good long while. You're a great writer - I'm off to read the rest of your stuff now!

2009.06.08 - 02:19AM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

This is marvelous! Thanks!

2009.06.01 - 09:16AM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

Beautifull, truthful and with real depth.

You are a brilliant writer.

2007.09.15 - 11:15PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

I've sort of been marinating in your fic for the past week. This is the one that I keep coming back to, just because...just because it captures the darkness of Rose Tyler's truth SO WELL. It is all well and good to write brightness and faith and undying love, but she is so very human, and he is so very, very NOT and that fantastic, complex, lovely relationship is tempered by a lot of unhealthy revelations just waiting to hit the surface.

You do it inordinately well, by the way. Love it.

2006.07.04 - 08:39PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

Remarkable. Real depth. This is the way I always thought songfic should be written. Picking a song without an obvious connection and teasing out the details. And the bit with the Doctor backing up his music collection. I always thought the song Imagine was a bit depressing too, and could see how the Doctor would think that.

You have an amazing sense of character, and a talent for finding a moment where everything turns. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Well, it isn\'t a *happy* song, is it? And from the perspective of an immortal, it just seems . . I dunno. That bit came out of nowhere, really, but it seemed to fit; glad you think so, too . . . I\'ve gotten into a bad habit of doing songfic, but I try not to make it *too* obvious . . . (sigh). Thanks very much for reviewing; means a lot :)

2006.07.03 - 09:30PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

Stunned. I am utterly stunned by how good this fic is. And a SONGFIC yet! I didn't think it was possible, but I was wrong.

Author's Response: I just realized that this is technically my third songfic. Please promise me you\'ll track me down and kill me if this trend continues. But thanks for reading! And commenting!

2006.07.03 - 08:57PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

You're giving me a feeling of impending doom. Despite that (because?) excellent writing as usual.

Author's Response: DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM -- er. Thanks for commenting!

2006.07.03 - 06:54PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

Wow, riveting, and truthful and believable, and so very sad.

Author's Response: Thanks!

2006.07.03 - 06:36PM
1: Hey Now Hey Now

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Just for this I wish I could add you to my favourites list more than once. But the story's already there.

Author's Response: You\'re very kind. Thanks for reading -- really glad you liked this; means I\'m doing *something* right :)