2006.12.31 - 07:41PM
6: Chapter 6: Christmas Surprises

Okay, I just have to pause before I read this chapter and tell you how fucking much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story. I mean...I FRIGGIN' LOVE IT! I'm not much for angst or dark stories, but the characterization is so spot on in this story (which is usually my problem - angsty characters can get a bit out of character) that I just can't help myself. And I never liked the Rose turns into a Time Lord thing when it was being done a hundred times over, but you've managed to bring such a fresh look to it that it's seriously one of the best post-The Parting of Ways stories that I've ever read.

Seriously. I love this story.

2006.08.16 - 05:38AM
6: Chapter 6: Christmas Surprises

Exciting chapter - looking forward to Rose meeting up with the Doctor - thanks!

2006.08.15 - 11:35PM
6: Chapter 6: Christmas Surprises

Quite on the edge of my seat and eagerly looking forward to the next part!

2006.08.15 - 08:44PM
6: Chapter 6: Christmas Surprises

Action AND emotional tension. I am so owned by this story now. :)

2006.08.15 - 08:16PM
6: Chapter 6: Christmas Surprises

What a wonderful surprise for her~ if only the Doctor would have gone along-- well then we wouldn't get an exciting next chapter!! Looking forward to it!