Reviews For Catalyst

2020.02.22 - 10:50AM
1: Catalyst

Oh that's brilliant and bittersweet and just lovely. Ten matches very well with bb!Ace, and i love that "not really like you at all, but" ramble.

2013.01.07 - 06:17PM
1: Catalyst

This is brilliant.

2010.06.20 - 05:55PM
1: Catalyst

You really nailed Ten's voice here. Great work.

2010.05.06 - 02:43PM
1: Catalyst

This is great, but I do feel bad for the poor kitty. :(

2010.02.03 - 01:16PM
1: Catalyst

Yay for big booms!

2009.10.24 - 04:29AM
1: Catalyst

This is great - really lovely for both (all three?) characters. I have one niggle - wasn't Manisha live in Survival or am I confused? - but it's a minor one and doesn't take away the heart of the story.

2008.10.24 - 11:37AM
1: Catalyst


"Sometimes you remind me of him a bit. If you looked completely different and sounded different and you were a chemistry teacher. So nothing like you at all, really. Except he was. A bit."

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

So hard for the Doctor, knowing there are people he can't save and things he can't fix - but I love the way he takes care of Ace as much as he can without making the timeline collapse. Wonderful.

2008.08.20 - 06:32AM
1: Catalyst

i've only come across ace through fiction, but for me she's a really heartfelt character i hope to have more contact with

i love the portrayal you've done here

2008.08.05 - 10:09PM
1: Catalyst

This was just fantastic! I've only seen a bit of Ace (can't wait to see more) but I loved the Old Who and New Who connection here. Really well done!

2008.07.15 - 06:34AM
1: Catalyst

Oh, this is lovely. I haven't even watched Seven and I still enjoyed it. Will have to check out those eps.

2008.07.07 - 04:44AM
1: Catalyst

Gosh, I liked this story. Being a rather new Who fan ie. Nine and Ten era, Ace isn't a character I've had any real contact with. But after reading this, I think I'd like to! Really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting :o)

2007.06.06 - 11:05AM
1: Catalyst

Just perfect, really.

2006.07.05 - 07:04AM
1: Catalyst

Awesome. I like the double layer where he's both trying to set things up so she'll be who she is when he needs her, and genuinely trying to help her. Why you should never trust anyone with a time machine, I guess.

2006.06.30 - 02:33PM
1: Catalyst

Adjectives won't do this justice, but here goes -- it's quiet and graceful and understated and breaks my heart to see the older Doctor and the younger Dorothy's first (and last?) lessons together. And for all that he comes across as just as manipulative, I love the poor bastard more than ever at the end of it all. Favorited, thank you.

2006.06.30 - 04:57AM
1: Catalyst

yay the Doctor as a chemistry teacher!