2007.04.25 - 07:49AM
3: Chapter 2: Saying Goodbye

Aw, how sweet.

2007.04.25 - 07:47AM
2: Chapter 1: Not the man he once was

I like it...how he is becoming like the first Doctor with old age.

Author's Response: Thankyou very much. :D

2006.06.29 - 02:08PM
1: Prologue

I like this. I always imagined the Doctor regenerated at the end of the Time War, (because of whatever it was that happened) but having him regenerate before is nice. Such a sweet moment with Grace!

Author's Response: I too imagine him to have regenerated during the war, but I just liked the idea. Glad you did too!

2006.06.29 - 07:45AM
4: Chapter 3: A new Beginning

Nice concept. I always feel bad that the Doctor has gone so quickly through so many regenerations. Im glad BBC did not try to explain it all and just had our ninth Doctor show up. I like your interpretation. Story could be helped with a little proof reading. Im guilty of that as well cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks! I shall take your advice, and glad you liked it! :D