2010.10.19 - 01:00PM
1: Chapter 1

Brilliant! You have me in tears and I usually hate author-created companions. Well done, indeed! I echo the others in saying your character voices are spot on and I cannot wait (though now as the inevitable decline begins it this anticipation is not without some dread) to read the rest. Again, thanks so much for posting these here.

2006.07.10 - 10:58AM
16: Chapter 16

What a place to end! You are very cruel. Thank you anyway, for another excellent story.

2006.07.09 - 02:22PM
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Just sat and read through the story so far. Loved it very much, yes.

Author's Response: Thanks Carmen, that means a lot coming from you.

2006.07.09 - 11:38AM
15: Chapter 15


2006.07.07 - 10:58AM
13: Chapter 13

Oh, of course Jasmine will go after the Master! This is a great story so far, can't wait to see what happens next.

2006.07.04 - 08:37PM
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I love the last bit. There's nothing scarier than the Master saying, 'Trust me.'

2006.07.02 - 10:53AM
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Oh, yay for more of this story! You are the master of the cliffhanger :) Speaking of Master, I am totally loving him. I love how Jasmine has to suppress the flare of admiration for his creeptastically clockwork conniving and planning.

2006.06.29 - 06:21PM
5: Chapter 5

So cool! It's a very Third Doctor era instalment and I loved it.

2006.06.29 - 10:49AM
5: Chapter 5

Great installment! I am a newbie and haven't really had much exposure to the Master (ie, like, none), but from how you've written the character, I really like him as a bad guy.

2006.06.28 - 02:04PM
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2006.06.25 - 01:28PM
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Whoa. Way to knock a reader for a loop. And yes, more utter amazement from me. This series is so going into my favorites.

Author's Response: Thanks, Eve. Only just realised you\'ve reviewed my earlier stories as well. Much appreciated.