Reviews For Out of a bottle

2012.11.11 - 08:25PM
8: A change of scenery

Oh! Why stop there!!!! I hope you update soon, this is a cute story!!!!

2008.12.11 - 10:54AM
1: Let the fun begin

Love the story - can't wait for the next chapter - how's the Doctor going to react?! Aaaargh! Can't wait to read it! :-)

2007.11.14 - 04:27PM
1: Let the fun begin

Hey, this has been on my favourites for ages now, and if I'm correct I don't think you've updated in nearly a year, so I thought I'd give you a nudge and let you know that I was really enjoying it and I hope you'll consider updating it soon! I look forward to (hopefully) reading more! Jem x

2006.11.29 - 09:08AM
2: Showers

Yey - most people not putting themselves through that "but then, he wasn't sane..." Haha. I know the feeling.

2006.11.15 - 08:43AM
8: A change of scenery

My God, I just read the entire thing...please for the sake of God update soon.

I really want to see the Doctor's reactions, it's hilarious!

2006.08.21 - 05:06PM
1: Let the fun begin

I'm glad you got back around to updating again... I don't know how long I was stalking your profile and the Most Recent pages to see you if updated. Lovely, as always!!

2006.08.20 - 12:04AM
8: A change of scenery

Story great so far! I'm eagerly awaiting the sex.

Something that helped me with my first attempts at smut: this article, and the livejournal post it links to. They discuss the pitfalls of working with such intense stuff, and how to make sure you stay on track. :-)

2006.08.19 - 11:51AM
8: A change of scenery

haha... poor poor doctor. well, not really. *smirks*

2006.08.18 - 03:27PM
8: A change of scenery

I'm not sure if I feel sorry for or happy for the Doctor-- never fun to be manoeuvred into something... but then it is something he wants.

2006.08.18 - 03:24PM
7: Into Enemy Territory

I like your description of the Doctor's room's decor. I must be part Time Lord... it sounds perfect!

2006.08.18 - 02:41PM
6: Paranoid? You bet.

Oh poor Doctor, they are ganging up on him, he should be more paranoid!
You canít miss that pun with the "(literally)" stuck in there...

2006.08.15 - 02:19AM
7: Into Enemy Territory

Please please please update, I'm loving this story and simply can't wait much longer to see where it goes next! (PS - Hope you had a nice time on yor hol!)

2006.08.14 - 04:10AM
7: Into Enemy Territory

hope your holiday was back to the story....need---no---must have more......

2006.07.27 - 12:28PM
7: Into Enemy Territory

hehe... naughty, naughty. :D

2006.07.13 - 07:02AM
6: Paranoid? You bet.

You're killing me by not updating.