2007.02.25 - 01:04AM
1: In Unborn Tongues

Wow. Fantastic. The lonliness is palpable. I was cringing in fear of non-cannon as I began to read this, but you could pretty much remove the warning of it being written pre-series. It would fit perfectly.
Oh, and the song- it's not Tolkien's elvish is it? Probably a stupid question, but, eh, never ask, never know.
Thankyou for a fantastic story.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the fic - it\'s always risky doing something before a series has aired but sometimes the idea won\'t go away until you\'ve written it. Jack\'s odd language there is entirely my own invention, I\'m afraid - glad to hear that it sounded like it was something with structure! :)

2006.11.02 - 03:46AM
1: In Unborn Tongues

Just found this. A great little bit of Jack and Gwen - no-one seems to be writing those two yet. Interesting that you wrote this before the series aired and yet it is uncanny how like the actual relationship between them it is. I think she is definitely going to be the one person who gradually finds out more and more about our illusive Capt Jack! Good work.

2006.10.02 - 05:39PM
1: In Unborn Tongues

Thanks to Membio for emailing me about this one or I'd have missed it that's for sure!

Loved the humour and the alcoholic fumbling and conversations LOL.

Brings back memories of the very first time I got drunk in Devon on real Scrumpy – 3 pints and I didn’t know what hit me. Just hope they all have the meds near at hand to cope with the hangovers from hell. I too am looking forward to Torchwood. Not much info about.

2006.10.02 - 03:50PM
1: In Unborn Tongues

Ok, I found this a little late but one shots are easy to miss from time to time. This is such a wonderful Jack piece. It is sweet and sad and funny. I love it. Yeah for using the word “susurration” that is a great word.
I loved Gwen’s lines:
“…she strongly suspected that the concept of 'free love' had come into it somewhere. Possibly repeatedly.”

“—the ground didn't seem to be quite where she'd left it and nowhere near as stable as she recalled —”

I'm sure this will hold up or be better than Torchwood when we see it later this month-- it is a beautiful story.

2006.06.02 - 01:49AM
1: In Unborn Tongues

Superb fic, especially when we know next to nothing about Torchwood or Jack - makes you wonder how much background we'll get in the series. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Yes, working around the near-complete lack of knowledge is half of the challenge with anything Torchwood-based! Going to be interesting to see just how wrong we all are when the series finally airs.... Glad you enjoyed it! :)

2006.06.01 - 06:22PM
1: In Unborn Tongues

"You leave everywhere you work like that? With them wanting to kill you?"

"No." His gaze shifted to the skies again, his expression unreadable. "Last place I worked before I joined Torchwood... I don't think they're looking for me at all."

You almost broke my heart with that. Poor, poor Jack! I'm just so glad to know that (*cough*Torchwood spoiler*cough*) the main reason he's in the 21st century is that he's searching for the Doctor.

Love your work! Write more, please!

Author's Response: Thank you. :) Yeah, he\'s gone there in the hope of intercepting the TARDIS, but I\'d like to think that he builds connections with his new team that are every bit as strong as those he had with the Doctor and Rose. It wouldn\'t make for a very involving series if he didn\'t! If and when he gets the choice to rejoin the TARDIS, I\'d like for it to not be an easy decision or a foregone conclusion in either direction. Glad you enjoyed it!