Reviews For Part 3: Skypigs

2006.06.07 - 10:30AM
11: Chapter 11

I agree! the two Doctors speaking in half-sentences was so typical and fun! They are brilliant aren't they?

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews, Membio. Much appreciated.

2006.06.06 - 07:14PM
11: Chapter 11

You know, I had forgotten all the reasons why I liked this one so much. Thanks for posting it here.

And thanks for the scene of the Doctor being happy to meet himself. Usually people write different regenerations as disliking each other, but to me it feels much more 'real' that they'd be reading each other's minds as they end up doing here.


2006.06.06 - 02:30PM
11: Chapter 11

Great double Doctor dialogue. That part was really fun.