Reviews For Part 3: Skypigs

2010.10.19 - 10:34AM
16: Chapter 16

I have to say I was convinced after the second installment that I couldn't possibly like this series any more than I did then. Now, I know I can and I won't again make the mistake of limiting your ability to take my breath away. This was just so brilliantly done. A great time-twisty story and a multidoc to boot! The multi-Doc bits, by the way were flawlessly executed, it had me grinning and nodding right along-side in agreement to your view. Wonderfully done! I'm favouriting this and you now after this installment. Thanks so very much for writing these.

2008.03.08 - 12:02AM
3: Chapter 3

Right, that's it, I'm utterly and completely in love with this, AND I want Richard E. Grant for Doctor 11.

2006.06.12 - 11:16AM
16: Chapter 16

An excellent concluding chapter. I liked your villain. He was refreshingly un-villain-like. The applause as he vanished was an especially nice touch.

Author's Response: Thanks, Lilac. And anyone else who\'s had the stamina to follow the series this far. I\'ll be away next week, so I\'m going to wait till after that before I start posting part 4. See you then.

2006.06.09 - 03:29PM
14: Chapter 14

Aww gosh you're gonna make me cry. Yes it was a well done little moment Jas with her parents to be... verbs can just go hang...

Anyhow, yes I have printed out the first of your series. I will give it a read ~ I had seen the first few chapters and then lost it... so I am glad to have found it again!

2006.06.09 - 02:10PM
14: Chapter 14

Aw, that last was wonderfully moving. Jasmine was convincingly brave about it, which is to your credit.

2006.06.08 - 12:59PM
13: Chapter 13

Wow that is some trust in the Doctor... an' I love that he doesn't volunteer himself... such the first Doctor!!

Author's Response: Thanks again Membio. If you haven\'t already I hope someday you\'ll have time to check out the previous two stories in this series - just click on my name.

2006.06.07 - 02:17PM
12: Chapter 12

Very interesting the conversation between the elder and the younger~ especially in the light of Susan being left purposely to find a home by the elder some point previously. (in canon eh?)
Does it sound like perhaps he regretted that action? Yeah for rifts!

2006.06.07 - 10:30AM
11: Chapter 11

I agree! the two Doctors speaking in half-sentences was so typical and fun! They are brilliant aren't they?

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews, Membio. Much appreciated.

2006.06.07 - 10:09AM
7: Chapter 7

oh! I ment HUNTING~ bad fingers

2006.06.07 - 09:57AM
7: Chapter 7

Hee hee! Flying Pig Hunging! what a sport. fun

2006.06.06 - 07:14PM
11: Chapter 11

You know, I had forgotten all the reasons why I liked this one so much. Thanks for posting it here.

And thanks for the scene of the Doctor being happy to meet himself. Usually people write different regenerations as disliking each other, but to me it feels much more 'real' that they'd be reading each other's minds as they end up doing here.


2006.06.06 - 03:26PM
4: Chapter 4

I love the line: "I use the word 'now' loosely, of course." of course he would... quite fun.

2006.06.06 - 03:22PM
3: Chapter 3

I started reading this quite a while ago and lost it-- I forgot the title or somethin' anyhow I am glad to have found it again- its fun! How exciting two Doctors and two assistants mixed and matched.

2006.06.06 - 02:30PM
11: Chapter 11

Great double Doctor dialogue. That part was really fun.

2006.06.01 - 12:27PM
6: Chapter 6

That was cool. :) I love it when the Doctor beats someone using just his gray matter.