2007.08.25 - 12:31PM
3: Responsibility

Haha, that's great. I'm honestly beginning to wonder why people don't review your stuff more often. It's well-written fanfiction.

2007.08.25 - 12:26PM
1: Goodbye, Prime Minister

HAha, you had Eleven wearing pinstripes before you knew Ten did? That's hilarious!
So was this chapter. Much fun. Looking forwards to reading this one through.

2006.08.02 - 12:45PM
1: Goodbye, Prime Minister

You watch Yes Minister. Don't deny it. How could you? Bernard was a helpful, condsiderate, upright character.....mostly. I won't deny that it's funny, though. More of this madness (Bernard as head of Torchwood)? Please?

2006.05.26 - 03:04PM
2: Infiltration

We could be so lucky to have Torchwood (the show) turn out as exciting. Of course you have just started this story right? much more to come, yeah? Come on say 'yes'!

Author's Response: Not in this story. But my upcoming fic \'Shadows of Gallifrey\' will feature Torchwood - and it will be exciting

2006.05.25 - 10:59AM
1: Goodbye, Prime Minister

Ah! Another female Doctor. Neat!
Nice missing scene-- how did Harriet recover her 'health'... nicely done- where to next?

Author's Response: This female Doctor\'s been around for a while. This is about the 4th or 5th fic in the series featuring her.